Untangle your Marketing and Sales Operations

Real Inbound is a RevOps consultancy that helps Medical Equipment Manufacturers run their sales and marketing programmes with HubSpot.

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Unlike other consulting firms that deal with just one part of the process, we create simplicity and alignment throughout the marketing, sales, and customer service functions

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Who do we help?

Your Sales,  Marketing and Service strategies are disconnected

Even when individual teams are best in class, if they are do not share aligned goals you will see chaos and confusion in the business 

You’ve listened to the experts and and are still no further forward

Are you feeling ripped off having hired a firm previously and have no clue what they’ve done for you? Except add more work.  

Your in house team are on the case but are overwhelmed with work

Despite how hard everyone is working, and the tech you using you are still missing those sales marketing and customer service goals.

Helen Phillips

I needed to move CRM providers at short notice, and a review of the alternatives suggested that Hubspot would best suit my needs.Tony responded to my call for help quickly. He made sure that Hubspot would do what I needed, without over-complicating the issue, and worked through the data transfer with me so that I understood how to get the best out of the system.Tony combines extensive experience of marketing and sales with an in-depth knowledge of Hubspot, so that he can give his clients the solution they need, not the one they think they want, and ensure they'll get value from it

Helen Phillips

Business Adviser | Mentor | Specialist in business growth and exit planning

Most Medical Technology companies struggle to grow for the same reasons

No clear strategy

It's hard to get incoming leads these days. It’s also hard to see how customers move through your business in response to your various attempts at marketing sales and service strategies. Your Revenue Operations strategy should be an end-to-end joined up plan for the whole customer journey 

Inconsistent Data

Most databases are full of inherited and bought in contact data. As a result, it’s often incoherent, incomplete, and out of date. Add in siloed data from your four revenue related functions (marketing, sales, service, and finance) and it’s almost impossible to see what’s going on in the business.  

Teams in siloes

Teams are separated by the data they use and the systems they have in place. There is sales data, marketing data and customer service data, delivery data and financial date that in effect all competes for attention rather than creating a more useful whole customer journey the business can learn from. It's hard to even follow a single sale from start to end.

No process alignment 

Teams work in separate ways, with different software and work to different goals. At worst this leads to competition for resources within the business that's to the detriment of everyone. At best it erodes operational efficiency and massively increases customer acquisition cost, decreases customer lifetime value and monthly recurring revenues. 

Lack of buy in

Revenue Operations, like any changes in your business, can face resistance. Sometimes it's based on the modern technology or the fact you are starting to make decisions based on actual data rather than gut feel. Lack of buy in, especially at the top of the organisation, kills RevOps progress dead.  

Rob OConnell

Tony recommended a new CRM system HubSpot and fully integrated this across our commercial team. He made the process simple & provided step by step training to ensure user adoption. As part of the package he added a brilliant prospecting tool called Apollo that’s been incredibly effective for my new business account managers. Tony was great to work with & has played a massive role in streamlining our operations. Thx

Rob O'Connell

Chief Operating Officer

The 3 biggest problems this creates

Your sales marketing and customer service teams are out of alignment

Revenue operations is about aligning your individual sales, marketing and service teams into one joined up revenue team, using the same data sets to understand every step of your customer journey in order to optimise for the customer experience. 

Disconnected systems, inefficient processes and too much technology

Bad data leads to poor results and lack of insight. If your processes aren’t optimised for HubSpot, chaos ensues. Disconnected systems make it hard to know which information is accurate and reliable. Getting the technology right is crucial.

A lack of adoption of the processes and the systems you've built in the business

If your team doesn’t know why they are using HubSpot, what it does, or how to use it, they won’t use it. If new operating procedures aren't trained in properly you'll create friction, waste resources, and hinder the outcomes you aim to achieve.

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What working with us means

Aligned teams and strategies 

Most businesses are structured into siloes, or teams. But oftentimes teams are disconnected from each other with a lack of information flow and worst of all misaligned priorities. We align team goals, processes, and technology to create a smoother more efficient revenue stream.  

Data Driven Insights

You will have a single customer view, reducing friction in the customers relationship with you, and bringing your siloed teams closer together. This allows you to optimise marketing, sales, and customer service strategies and spot trends and patterns. This leads to increased customer retention and a decrease in customer acquisition costs.  

Process Optimisation

Improve efficiency with standardised onboarding, training, and internal documentation. Eliminate bottle necks and automate where you can and where it is necessary. This has the effect of reducing costs for your business.  

Technological Enablement

One of the pillars of our work is tech stack revision and optimisation. We remove whats not needed, add in what is, and ensure your teams are fully onboarded and trained in the systems and processes needed to provide the promised efficiency gains from technology.  

Better Customer Experience

Some say customer experience is the only true difference between B2B brands. Those that get it right earn the repeat business of their customers. Those that get it wrong see increased customer churn and spiralling acquisition costs. Revenue operations straighten your tangled processes to smooth out the customer journey and improving customer satisfaction. 

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How we work

Phase 1: Strategy

We’ll lead you through an in depth audit on your customer data, HubSpot (if you have it) marketing, sales and customer service performance, technology stack and your businesses readiness to start work. We agree objectives for the year by quarter and even month and create your revenue operations plan to meet those objectives. (30 - 60 days)

Phase 2: Implementation

We'll cleanse and structure your data, integrate systems, optimise processes and complete any required integrations. And teach you and your teams about how to embed the changes we are making. Including making use of the technology and working in new ways. We'll talk about what the most important measures for your business are, and how to measure them. (up to 90 days of work)

Phase 3: Optimisation

This is usually called the Business As Usual phase, where working patterns are being bedded in, the technology is doing its job and your people are settling into your new world. During this phase of work we'll also test and iterate the plans and continue to develop the blueprint for repeatable reliable revenue in your business. (90days plus)

Phase 4: Acceleration

Now it’s time to really drive your business forward. Based on ideas generated throughout the process, and provided by insight from your now successful sales and marketing programmes.

Four types of business we really know


We have a lot of friends in the world of Sports so if you are looking for an agency that understands sports marketing sponsorship and hospitality sales we might be the one! From professional teams to NGO's we help your team win.

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Not For Profit

We have worked with Charities, arms-length bodies and Foundations of many types and understand the pressures of the third sector as well as anyone. we can help with your data, fundraising and events management

Keep Wales Tidy


From high-tech manufacturing to SAAS Startups. we've worked with lots of businesses in this arena. We can help with audience building, monetisation, sales process and so on. It helps to be a technology business ourselves!

Frontier Medical


The roots of Real Inbound run deep into the world of media and the music industry, and always with a commercial aspect driven by the acquisition and monetisation of huge audiences through first-rate content strategies.

Tribe Fire
Franco de la Croix-Vaubois-1

Great training and expertise: Tony provided excellent Hubspot training for my team and I. We are no techies, but have a decent understanding of how to use hubspot. Tony was great to assess ou needs, our abilities and we then worked together over 5 sessions to implement a hubspot strategy which we still use today. As an SME, this was a great way to implement a CRM strategy at affordable prices and delivering great value. We would happily recommend Tony to anyone looking for expert guidance on Hubspot and/or CRMs -Great work - thanks Tony!

Franco de la Croix-Vaubois

Passionate Events Specialist | Tech-Savvy Event Planner

What does an engagement look like?

Here is everything you can expect and everything that is included

Meeting cadence

After the initial work to design your strategy, we'll hold weekly meetings to review progress with you and your teams. Monthly meetings to review KPIs with the SLT and Quarterly deep dives into campaigns to plan and learn from iterations. It's really important that these are leadership level conversations. Otherwise the programme will fail. Too many times we see RevOps as an after thought or additional task when it should inform the strategy of the whole business. 


This is the most important aspect of the strategy. We need to keep talking and meeting and agreeing actions to drive the changes we are envisioning forward. In addition to our weekly and monthly meetings, we'll have regular contact through your personal Slack or Teams channel. If appropriate, we'll add you to our project management software too. Failure to communicate also leads to failure of the strategy. 

How we track progress

We work to what we call a Strategy On A Page (SOAP). An innovative way to guide change programmes where the most pressing issues are prioritised and dealt with before moving on. A combination 'waterfall' and 'agile' approach if you will. This is reviewed weekly with the change team, and quarterly with the SLT and programme sponsors. In addition and on the more tactical level, we'll agree on project metrics and KPIs. We'll review these monthly in the KPI's meeting. You'll receive a custom dashboard showing progress, trends, performance against targets.

Your own personal sidekick

In addition to your HubSpot software we provide a Real Inbound exclusive tool to help your teams learn and adopt the new platform. Our handy in-HubSpot app sidekick includes training notes, process rules, guided maps, and more.

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What we believe

Tony Dowling

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Mark Hullin

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Richard Underwood

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Most Medical equipment and technology companies struggle with proper visibility into what works for their business and are therefore unsure how to grow their business. The reason is because they work in a complex market with teams in siloes. They often suffer with out-of-date strategies, bad data, bad processes and bad technical integration. Our mission is to simplify your business.  

HubSpot is not a strategy

When your revenue operations are tangled, growth becomes sluggish and nearly impossible to achieve. Many change CRM’s or buy into HubSpot for the first time assuming, based on the sales pitch, that it will fix your sales and marketing problems. But HubSpot alone is not a strategy. We work with our clients to realise the potential of the sales pitches and provide huge return on that investment.  

The HubSpot Rehab Programme

We specialise in a specific type of consultancy for exactly your type of business problems. We created the HubSpot Rehab because it’s the single most effective way to align your teams and your sales and marketing plans, fix bad data, chaotic processes, and get everyone in the organisation to work together in the same direction.   

Take control of your business and its plans for the future.  optimise systems and process and align your teams. Generate the right sort of growth to provide the value you know your business is capable of. 

If ever there was a force of nature in the digital sales and marketing world then Tony is your man! I’ve worked with and for Tony when in radio and most recently as a client of Tony’s. He never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge, ideas, solutions and calm attitude on how to keep business so simple He is a larger than life character. Patient and very understanding especially when you need a problem solved. Tony goes that extra mile for each of his clients. A thoroughly humble character, who takes prides in all that he strives to achieve. If ever you need sales or marketing solutions expert especially in the digital arena then you need to call Tony. After all what do you have to lose, just so much to gain!

Tanya Lynch

Therapeutic Journaling Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We operate on an outcomes based pricing model. All engagements start at £1500 per month.

How long will it take to see results?

The majority of our clients see results within the first 90 days.

How much time do I need to commit to the process?

You'll start to see positive changes to your sales, marketing and HubSpot instance from just an hour a week

I'm not in Medtech, will this still work for me?

Of course! If you have the same problems with your sales, marketing and HubSpot instance, talk to us, we can help. 

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