Case Study | Cardiff Rugby

Accelerating Commercial Success: Cardiff Rugby's Transformation with HubSpot CRM

  • Rapid Onboarding: Cardiff Rugby team fully onboarded on HubSpot CRM within 2 months.
  • Improved Operations: Significant enhancements in commercial operations post-implementation.
  • Confidential Success: Specific financial outcomes are confidential but indicated strong year-end performance.
  • Positive Feedback: CCO Rhys Blumberg highlighted the transformative impact and potential for future advancements.



The outcome of implementing HubSpot CRM for Cardiff Rugby was highly positive. Within just two months, the team was fully onboarded and utilising the new system effectively. This rapid adoption led to significant improvements in their commercial operations. Although specific financial details are confidential, the impact of the CRM system was evident in the club's strong performance at the end of the year. The Chief Commercial Officer of Cardiff Rugby, Rhys Blumberg, praised the transformative effect of HubSpot, noting its extensive utility and potential for future enhancements to further benefit the team's operations. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of integrating a comprehensive CRM solution in a dynamic and demanding sports marketing environment.


Revolutionising Sports Marketing with Speed and Efficiency

Cardiff Rugby, a cornerstone of the community and economy in Southeast Wales, faced the challenge of adapting to the fast-paced demands of modern sports marketing. The need for a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system became imperative to handle the increased demand from their growing business-to-business (B2B) client base and to maximise sales while maintaining efficient operations.


Balancing Tradition with Innovation in a Competitive Landscape

As a prominent sports club, Cardiff Rugby's success on the field translated into heightened expectations off the field. The commercial team had to juggle various roles – from hosting clients on match days to executing deals in the boardroom, and managing diverse tasks like event planning and sponsor relations. The digital acceleration in recent years further amplified the need for advanced data storage and sponsor accountability.

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The Objective

Fast-to-Value CRM Integration and Team Empowerment

Our goal was to equip Cardiff Rugby with a CRM system that not only catered to their immediate needs but also promised long-term value. HubSpot emerged as the ideal solution, offering a comprehensive suite of marketing, sales, and customer service tools tailored for mid-market or enterprise B2B sales teams. Real Inbound's expertise in sports marketing and data management, gained from working with various sports organisations, positioned us perfectly to meet Cardiff Rugby's unique needs.

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Project Implementation

Comprehensive Steps Towards Digital Empowerment

  1. Data Audit and Import: Cleansing and importing company data into the CRM.
  2. Professional Integration: Connecting email accounts and calendars, enabling sales tools like email tracking and meeting links.
  3. Customisation: Creating custom views for optimal data access and insights.
  4. Sales Process Streamlining: Consulting on deal pipelines, recording sales activities, and task management.
  5. Client Communication Enhancement: Integrating quote tools for seamless interactions.
  6. Analytics Implementation: Setting up tools for comprehensive sales process reporting.
  7. Team Training and Adoption: Ensuring swift and efficient system adoption.
  8. Ongoing Support: Maximising HubSpot’s capabilities and continuous team training.
  9. Future Technology Planning: Identifying additional technological needs like inventory management.
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100% Implemented & Trained in under 2 months

The Outcome

A Winning Combination: Rapid Setup, Enhanced Operations, and Commercial Success

The project's implementation was swift, with the team fully operational on HubSpot within two months. While specific commercial benefits remain confidential, Cardiff Rugby experienced a remarkable end to the year, setting a strong foundation for future growth.

25% growth on sales

25% growth on sales

"Introducing HubSpot has been transformative for our commercial operations. Its utility as a CRM is just the tip of the iceberg, and we're excited about future developments, including custom software enhancements to further elevate our team's performance."

Cardiff Rugby CCO, Rhys Blumberg

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