Why do we do a free digital audit?

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No one wants any nasty surprises half way through a project

Our full process is designed to...

  • Ensure we are a good fit for each other

  • Have a clear idea of what you want to do, and what we think we can do

  • Share expectations of the time and money involved

Our Free Audit covers all the key areas

  • Your data

  • Website performance

  • Sales performance

  • Marketing

  • Messaging

  • Customer Service

  • Revenue Operations efficiency


How healthy is your Data? We'll evaluate the health of your data by looking for duplicates, unverified information, and emails that are out-of-date. We'll analyse how many properties you are using and whether they are unnecessarily duplicated. This can help you improve the accuracy of your customer information and avoid costly mistakes.

Website Performance

Is your website an effective disseminator of your content? Does it deliver your message in a clear and persuasive manner? Are you providing your customers with the functionality they need, things like calculators or even simple pricing charts? Required functionality? Are you technically set up for success?


We'll examine your sales processes in full. We'll check if your pipelines, user adoption levels, and tools like emails, phone numbers, and calendars are connected, and if your forecast tools are properly configured. We'll also review Playbooks, Task queues, Meeting links, and your Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) set-up.


Could you be more social and engaging? We'll assess the effectiveness of your ad accounts, email marketing, and social media. We'll review your conversion funnels to ensure they're working correctly and examine your inbound enquiry handling and automation of lead processes.


Does your website and marketing collateral reflect your brand? Is it up to date and on point? Is it creative, compelling and persuasive or bland and boring like everyone else? Are your Salespeople singing off the same hymn sheet as your Marketing and Customer Service teams?

Customer Service

The most powerful marketing you do is done by your satisfied customers. Word of Mouth and Customer Review sites are your best chance of influencing potential customers on the journey to buy what you are selling. Do you have a strategy to maximise your happy customers?

Revenue Operations

Do you understand your Client's Lifetime Value? And how much did it cost to acquire that client in the first place? Where are the blockers and points of friction? Where do you do well, that can be repeated elsewhere in the pipeline. How does your Marketing and Customer Service team impact on your top-line sales performance?

Before we charge you a penny, we want to agree on what needs to be done

We call it the Project Scope

  • What are the Onboarding Objectives?

  • What does the Minimum Viable Product look like?

  • How long it will take to build?

  • How much it will cost?

This is why we do our Free Audit  

We want to get a chance to get to know you and how you work. We want to do enough to make sure all areas of any work are understood before we start. And we want to know what can be done and how long it will take so there are no surprises. 

The next step of our process is the paid-for strategy work that underpins your actual solution. Whether that's a CRM, Website or Development project. We don't want you paying for anything until we are all 100% aligned with the project. 

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