101 Marketing Automation Kick Start

As your company grows, you need to make sure your marketing strategy is scalable. Almost every small business faces growth challenges at some point. it can feel quite daunting to customise and optimise emails, blogs, social media posts, and campaigns, and track the results of all of these activities. Your business must grow sustainably for the long term to be sustainable. You want to make sure your marketing strategies are scalable so that you won't come up against the same obstacles again and again as the business changes (and it will). 

There is another way to do it - marketing automation. Automating your marketing efforts can reduce small business growing pains and improve the efficiency of your campaigns. Here are some of our top tips on how to pull off a strong marketing automation strategy without getting caught up in what sometimes feels like difficult tasks like personalising and optimising.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation technology refers to the various tools and services used to execute promotions and other campaigns to increase leads, referrals, and sales as well as aid you in reaching your marketing goals. Using automated tools to automate repetitive tasks often proves advantageous as it frees up a lot of time for your marketing team so they can concentrate on higher-value activities such as creating better content for visitors, affiliates, etc.

Marketing Automation: How to Get Started?

You should start small. It’s best to build from what your site already has (otherwise known as organic growth). If you don’t already have a form on your website, this is where you should begin. Building the database of leads the moment they enter your sales funnel will give you a more solid foundation.  

With forms, visitors can receive educational content in exchange for a potential lead's email address and name. In addition to gathering leads, forms are a great tool for finding out what content visitors find engaging on your website since you'll be able to receive more information about your visitors by receiving contact information from those who opt-in; valuable content you can use down the line when creating offerings that might interest them.

Segment your leads based on the information they provided on your forms. It's easier to create buyer persona-specific content by segmenting contacts. You can provide your leads with more personalised content based on their stage in the buying process by segmenting them based on their stage.

Lead Nurturing with Workflows

After segmenting your visitors, making it possible to create content that’s tailored to them, and conducting market research, you can set up workflows (your marketing strategy) that nurture your leads - someone who is interested in what you have to offer. They are at different stages of their journey as a customer, which means they need slightly different things. For example, a customer who has just seen an advertisement may be hungry for more information - any information! Getting back in touch with them might be enough to get them to take the next step - perhaps buying from you or spreading the word about your company. And those with an active interest in your products or services would be best reached using some time-sensitive offers or upcoming business events that might catch their attention too?

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Simplifies Marketing Automation

If you’re putting customers at the center of all your efforts and your content is generating new leads for you, but you feel that it is taking up a lot of time to compose emails to those new leads, then it might be a sign that you have to look into using marketing automation. With platforms like HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, you can take more time off your hands to focus on other parts of your business such as creating new products or about a product launch that needs attention or simply dealing with getting through all the clogged-up emails in your inbox!

The HubSpot Marketing Hub makes it easy to:

  • Segment your leads by contact properties, email activities, and form submissions to maximise open and click-through rates. 
  • Personalise your email with customisation tokens to make it stand out.
  • Create lead flows that trigger specific content based on local time zones or whether or not a leader has completed a specific action.

Do your best, not your hardest. HubSpot Marketing Hub is here to help, whether you're sending out targeted emails, sending out newsletters on time, or starting a new social campaign.

What HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Can Do for You

When you are choosing your Marketing Automation platform, ensure it can constantly be amended and updated to fulfill your company's needs as they grow. Marketers can get distracted by the "bells and whistles" of many available products but what's more important than the fancy features is how easy they will be to use.

The platform selected should match the user experience that makes sense for your business. It should be simple enough for non-marketers to use without training, yet advanced enough that competitive marketers won't feel "stumped."

At times, businesses must choose between a single-purpose product or a more generalised software solution. For example, HubSpot has both marketing automation functions AND contact databases in its suite of tools. This flexibility enables companies to find exactly what they need at the right price—like buying only the flavor of ice cream you like best on any given day!

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is one of our favorite things about the platform. The fact that every tool for marketing, sales, and customer success is all in one place is so convenient. With the Marketing Hub, you can eliminate a ton of clutter and start managing your time better because that means you won’t have to worry about jumping from program to program or monitoring different messaging apps since it all exists within one handy location! And with integrated analytics, gaining a better understanding of your content effectiveness from the data you collect becomes easier than ever.

With HubSpot, you'll not only be able to create beautiful marketing content and analyse the results but also gain access to training resources from the HubSpot Academy and 24/7 support, which will help you get the most out of the Hub.

Your marketing automation platform should meet your business needs and scale with your growth. Your business is unique, so what you need may differ greatly from what others need. To learn more about marketing automation and the tools that are available, contact us today.

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