Content marketing campaigns the weapon of choice for targeted website traffic

One of the most popular questions I'm asked is, "How can I get more website traffic?". However, the better questions should be "How can I get more targeted website traffic?". Driving arbitrary website traffic has little chance of resulting in visitors, who will eventually become clients. The majority of these visitors will have no interest in your what you offer. All websites must focus on attracting targeted website traffic, rather than simply increasing more random visitors. So let's take a quick look at a few ways how content marketing campaigns helps towards this aim:

1 Use keyword research to discover what your target audience want or need

Performing keyword research, will empower you to choose the top keywords for your products/services. This helps you focus your target search rankings specifically for your solutions, ensuring every visit is more targeted.

2 Address your target prospects directly

Resulting from your keyword research, you will discover which keywords your audience are looking for and therefore which keywords your content must focus on to engage targeted search engine traffic to solve their problems, issues or answer their questions.

3 Focus your content campaign promotion where your prospects currently visit

By investing time to research and understand your target audience (Known as buyer personas) implicitly, you will be able to determine where your target prospects spend their time online, which blogs they read and what websites they visit etc. When you understand this, it will be easier to work towards placing your personas specific content in front of your prospects where they already visit.

4 Social media is your content marketing campaigns distribution heaven

One of the best methods of distributing your persona focussed content is through social media networks. Because you have intriguing content that your audience are already interested in, they are more inclined to visitor your website and share your content with their own networks.


Download   to learn how your buyer personas are the foundation for all your inbound marketing efforts, understand how your content distribution is really the key to attracting your ideal targeted website audience.


5 Analyse your competition's social activity to identify their audience

By monitoring your competitors social media movements and interactions you'll uncover more information about their followers, which in turn enables to target the same audience and attract them to your website.

6 Ensure every piece of content you produce is search engine optimised

The tactics of SEO used in content marketing campaigns help you specify which keywords you want to be found for, and increase your chances of being found. These keywords must focus throughout your content offers, blog articles and social comments

7 Building relationships with guest bloggers will help increase new potential interested visitors

Invite other guest bloggers in your marketplace to compose guest blog posts on your site. These guest bloggers will be more likely to share this content with their audience, which can draw new targeted website visitors to your brand.

8 Email marketing can mean repeat and more new visitors

Email marketing is possibly the most effective tool in your inbound marketing kit. Personalised email lead nurturing designed for each lead's requests, problems and obstacles helps to make sure that, leads who have previously interacted with you, continue to engage and share your content with their own networks bringing new visitors.

9 Constant fresh content that appeals to your target audience and brings them back

By consistently blogging, providing new vibrant and intriguing content, gives your visitors something brand new to read every time they visit. Who wants to visit a website that never changes? Keep creating more quality content and your visitors keep returning.

10 Concentrate on long tail keywords to attract visitors looking for specific info

Often labelled low hanging fruit, long tail keywords are extremely specific to the search terms being entered by your target audience. The majority of search rankings consist of long tail keywords. Failing to focus on these is likely to present poor results.



Content marketing is proven to answers the original question, "How can I get more targeted website traffic?". Harnessing the power of content marketing campaigns and other inbound marketing strategies facilitates; increased targeted website traffic, more qualified leads and significantly reduced sales process. While it takes time to implement these tactics and see results, inbound marketing is a real game changer, that continues to deliver exponential growth and exceptional ROI.

Create great content & deliver that content to the people who want it!

Content Guide For Targeted Website Traffic

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