Effective Digital Marketing For Recruitment Agencies

If you're one of the many directors responsible for digital marketing for recruitment agencies, then you’ll be familiar with the idea of driving traffic to your website. Probably in the form of potential candidates for the jobs your agency list, or even potential clients with vacancies you can fill for them. But driving traffic seems to be more difficult than ever. Not only is "search" and social media platforms seemingly delivering less organic traffic, but the quality of that traffic is in question too.

We have seen perfectly good recruitment agency marketing efforts delivering only single percentage points conversions from their website and that’s just not good enough. Not least because it means in order to gain any momentum and indeed grow your business, you’ll need to drive ever increasing amounts of traffic to the website to get filtered through.

Around And Around We Go

The cycle seems endless. Drive poor quality traffic through your website and convert small amounts in to leads. And to get more leads, you need to drive more traffic, right? Well, maybe it’s time to look at this in a different way.

It’s time to look at how you can best attract more of the right people in the first place, and at the right time in their buying cycle. And then, once you have them engaged in this early stage contact, rather than just letting them bounce out of the website, you need to make sure you convert them into leads for your business.

It's also essential to have relevant, interesting, timely and engaging levels of ongoing conversation with them, making sure that when the time is right, they ‘buy’ from you. But, never in a spammy and intrusive manner.

Human Centric Recruitment Marketing

At Real Inbound Digital Marketing agency, we use the ‘inbound methodology’ which offers a different perspective. It ensures you align with people and the way they ‘buy’ or consume your services, rather than against them.

In other words, rather than ‘interrupting’ people as they go about their daily lives on the off chance that you catch someone ready to engage with you, Real Inbound help you aim your content and messages at specific people at specific times during their buying cycle. When those messages are most relevant and therefore less invasive and a lot less annoying.

Where Will My Search Take Me?

Take the case of someone looking for a new job. They will be at different stages of the process depending on any number of factors. They may not even know what a recruitment agency is or only be considering traditional job search routes. They might be aware of recruitment agencies but are only trying to understand how they work. Or on the other hand they might have decided to approach a recruitment agency and register for some of the services on offer.

The answers and information they are looking for will therefore also vary in the same way. People who want to learn more about how recruitment agencies work, which we call ‘top of the funnel’, don’t want to be drawn into sales conversations or feel like they are being closed into taking an action. They want to consume the information and remain fairly anonymous. Or at least remain unmolested!

On the other hand, someone ready to commit or applying for an advertised role are bottom of the funnel, and therefore interested in a different type of information. They need immediate attention and to be looked after in a different way. The inbound methodology dictates we provide different messages and information to the different requirements people have at something approaching the most appropriate time. While simultaneously, massively reducing the annoyance of the marketing messages we might be sending them too.

Your recruitment agency digital marketing should also be focussed on attracting new client companies that want to engage your agency to recruit for their open positions on their behalf. We’ve all been there, cold calling a business on the off chance they have some vacancies to fill. And getting rejected multiple times a day in the process. Not a nice feeling and these days, definitely not great for your agency reputation..

Imagine how things could be different! Imagine your agency marketing was set up to attract the right people at the right stage of their buying process. And then, once having attracted them in the first place, imagine being able to automate an ongoing conversation that developed with them as they developed their needs for your service.

The result? When the time is right, and they have jobs to list, they come to you. Because you've done a great job to nurture them as an inbound opportunity.

Attract. Engage. Delight These are the compelling words of the inbound methodology.

Download Recruitment Agency Leads 4X eBookAttract the right people at the right stage, top, middle or bottom of the funnel. Engage with them, and help nurture them through your qualification process, and once they become clients, delight them. So that they become advocates for your brand.

Sounds too good to be true? Not these days. With the strategic perspective we have at Real Inbound and the marketing technology available to help us, to help deliver these results for your recruitment agency, you’d be surprised how straightforward the process has become.

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