6 Signs Your Website is Failing You

There is no doubt that today the most important asset to your business is your website! But plenty of people are still happy to live with out of date, inaccessible, and frankly worthless brochure or 'shop window' sites. These were probably designed when a website was for 'credibility' building purposes. 

But today, your site needs to be on point. Superfast, easy to edit, safe and secure and most of all, returning heavily on your investment. 

If your current site has any of the following 6 issues, speak to us and we'll help you get moving to something more powerful, and quickly help you start making money from your new marketing machine!  



1. Your site should be easy to change

These days it's not practical to have to wait for the Dev team to make simple changes. Your site should be editable by the people who use it. If that means marketing, sales or customer service people, thats what it means. Modern site come with unbreakable templates and drag and drop editors that make the process of adding landing pages or changing images a breeze. 

2. Your site should be easy to find

The vast majority of us are increasingly shopping online, even for the things we have traditionally bought off line. Your site should at least rank for your industry keywords. And lesser know yet just as important to Google at least, it should be blazing fast with a slick user interface so customers can find what they need easily.

3. Your site should be interactive

f your site isn't a place for your customers to communicate with you, the chances are, they are communicating with someone else. Live chat, FAQ's, self service and support are the least people expect from the businesses they deal with.

4. Your site should be a marketing machine!

Does your site attract traffic? Does your site convert traffic? Either viewers into leads or leads in to sales? This is a sites primary purpose today - hold it accountable!

5. Your site should be secure

Your site should be up to date and safe from attack, as well as prevent breaches of your data, out of the box, not via vulnerable plug ins. It should be constantly in this state, and not dependent on the tender loving care of your website company or hosting provider. Make it cyber secure

6. Your site should be a return on your investment, not a drain 

The more money you put into a website, the more money you should be getting out. Its not a nice to have, these days, it's the foundation of your business. Like bricks and mortar were where it was at, your digital estate is now one of, if not the most, valuable aspects of your company. 

If you'd like to find out more about the current state of your website ask us about a free website grader report. Or book a free demo for more information about HubSpots CMS. 


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