Business Owners Guide To Moving Your Business Online

Given the development and ease of access of the internet not to mention the current global crisis, it's become a necessity for traditional business owners to consider moving your business online.

A traditional business typically relates to an organisation that has a physical store/warehouse/office selling its services and products in person and has face to face interaction with its clients. These are referred to as "brick and mortar" businesses. These days you can buy anything on the internet without having to leave your home or office.

Some of the benefits of moving your business online

Brand Image

Developing a website can supercharge the brand image of your enterprise. An effective website that communicates your business products/services, educational information and values can help build confidence with potential clients.

Availability 24/7

No matter what day of the week or time of day, your prospects and clients can continue to browse and learn about your company and understand the product/services that your offering. Also if you're selling online, customers can purchase at any time.


Managing the majority of customer service online from product/service education, to selling, to processing orders and issuing invoices can help you to reduce operating costs.

Audience Growth

Your company can support clients further afield, potentially nationally and even globally. You can target audiences anywhere and achieve global online presence, increasing your business reach.


Creating a presence online with great customer reviews will enhance your reputation and build trust.

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Additional advantages for traditional entrepreneurs

Given their legacy business experience and reputation, they have vital business management knowledge and skills to be successful online. Excelling online will be less challenging than setting up from scratch.

To begin with, traditional business owners understand their organisation inside and out; they understand who to target, who are their perfect clients, what they are selling and what obstacles may need addressing.

Established business owners have likely met their customers personally making it easier to build a profile or persona of their online target. Moreover, a successful traditional business will currently have established :

  • A Brand - they have a thorough understanding of their brand values
  • Customer persona - they already know precisely who their client is and ideas on how to target them
  • Market Channels - they appreciate how clients search for them and which channels they use, which will help marketing
  • Customer Service - they are fully aware how to make a client delighted and keep them coming back
So how exactly do you go about taking your business online and grow?

The paradox is that successful internet based businesses want to know their customers in detail, exactly like a traditional business. And a traditional businesses wants to learn all the information essential to establishing an business online.

Key elements to moving your business online

The most effective way to move your business online is usually to hire an agency to help you. If you do, ensure that the partner ticks the box for the following:

1 Understands business and how they operate successfully - E.g. the necessity for customer research, targeted content creation and distributing content via digital marketing

2 Expert in lead generation and conversion - attractive websites alone don't help generate sales

3 Tech conscious - must know how to assess and select the best technology solutions for your unique business

Remember - No one knows your business like you do. Think about exactly why you're moving your business online and precisely how it will help you grow.


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