Convincing Your Boss to Move Your Website to HubSpot CMS

A modern marketer needs an agile system that can keep up with their creative ideas - a traditional CMS just doesn't cut it anymore A modern CMS provides the flexibility and scalability that marketers need to be successful. It's also important to have a CMS that integrates with other marketing tools and platforms so that marketers can work seamlessly across all channels. That's where the HubSpot CMS Hub comes in. You know you need to change your system to something more adaptable, but how do you get the message across?

If you're interested in using HubSpot at your company but need some help convincing your boss, this blog post is for you. We're huge advocates of the HubSpot platform and use it in our own marketing, so we know first hand how beneficial it can be. Hopefully, our insights can help you make a strong case to your boss so you can get started using HubSpot as soon as possible.

ROI In a Nutshell

ROI is everything to your boss. If you can demonstrate that your projects or ideas will have a high ROI, you'll be in their good graces. Make sure your claims are supported with data or analysis and be prepared to discuss how you'll achieve the desired ROI. Always tie it back to ROI when trying to win your boss over.

Source tracking

It's always amazing to me to find out that most businesses have a website without knowing how they get traffic. PPC ads may be converting for them or people may contact them after viewing a specific page. They are, however, unaware of where their traffic, leads, and sales originate.

Maintaining a consistent level of volume demands an understanding of where your traffic, leads, and sales are coming from. Once you have a grasp on that, you can examine each source separately. This allows you to confirm that each source of traffic, leads, and sales is high-quality.

You might need to rethink your paid strategy if you are driving the same amount of traffic to your site from organic and paid sources.

Marketers can determine where to focus their efforts by understanding source quality. Business owners and department heads can use it quickly to determine where marketing budgets should be allocated, as well as the impact of any investments.


Personas are partial-fictional avatars of your perfect customers that are founded on real world research, interviews and anecdotal evidence from the sales team, managers and people within your company. If you're not familiar with inbound marketing, personas can give you a better understanding of your target market so that you can create more relevant and effective marketing campaigns.

You may have two or three primary personas that best represent your customer base. Personas are important because they help you understand your customers better. You can even create your own personas here. However, it’s actually the way the HubSpot CMS Hub uses this data that will be most interesting to your boss.

You can define rules on your CRM to determine which database contacts are added to specific personas once personas are created. Can you explain what they did to fit your criteria? Among the possibilities are:

  • You have downloaded important content, such as a pricing guide or case study.
  • Multiple viewings of a particular page.
  • A defined period of time was spent on your website more than three times.

With this feature, you have a lot of options that will help you to have a better understanding of the email addresses that you collect through your marketing. This will be really useful to your boss as they'll be able to see not only the types of people that are attracted to the business, but also how these people are interacting.

Having the ability to easily narrow down your focus to a specific group of people and see which ones are the most interactive and actually use your company's services will help guide your budget decisions and marketing efforts. The end result of this will be a higher ROI as you spend more time and energy on those who are more receptive to what you do. Your boss will be pleased to see this kind of positive return.

Closed-Loop Reporting

The HubSpot CMS is a great tool for monitoring website visitors, gathering conversion data and presenting it in an easy-to-understand way. In addition, it can be used to create landing pages, and emails, schedule social media posts, and schedule social media campaigns. Despite this, there are many other alternatives that offer similar functions at very affordable prices...

How Does HubSpot CMS Differ from Other CMSs?

HubSpot CMS is the only platform that brings all of these features together in one place. This is awesome for marketers because it means they only have to remember a single password. But it also enables for closed-loop reporting, so you can monitor every visitor's journey through each tool from start to finish.

Using HubSpot CMS, you can see the entire journey of your traffic. In this way, you can precisely measure the ROI of each marketing asset.

Other platforms cannot offer this level of comprehensive communication between separate systems. Instead of spending time and money on APIs and complex integrations for separate systems that don't communicate with each other very well, invest in an all-in-one platform. It'll save you time and money in the long run, and you'll be able to trust the system more.

The CMS Hub is a powerful reporting tool that can help you generate detailed lead reports quickly and easily. Additionally, you can generate weekly dashboard reports for teams that don't use HubSpot frequently.

This is a great way to keep your team, line manager, or CEO up to date on your results and progress. Using this tool allows you to quickly highlight any gaps in your strategy and use it as a focal point for discussion.

HubSpot's CMS Hub can help you convince your boss to move all of your web platforms, CRMs, and other business systems to it. You'll be able to demonstrate ROI and will have a system that's incredibly capable of providing context. The most important thing is that all of this can be displayed with ease.

Being educated about inbound in general and how it can benefit your business is one of the best ways to sell the idea to your boss. We've got you covered with all the information you need to make a convincing case.

Do You Need Help Winning Your Boss Over to Inbound Marketing?

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