Email Marketing Best Practices That Propel Lead Generation

Whilst email marketing might not receive the interest more recent marketing channels enjoy, it's remains a fantastic method for you to generate leads and convert more prospects for your organisation. Having said that, I'd like to chat with you about some email marketing best practices you can employ to drive business success.

1 Optimise the email preview text

Preview text automatically brings in the initial words of the email body and reveals it alongside the subject line before the email is opened. The trouble is, tailor-made email templates commonly put conditional statements such as "Do you see images?" or "Can you view the email correctly?" at the top of the banner, letting it insert into the preview when it's sent.

2 Permit readers to subscribe to your mailing list

Including a "Subscribe" button in your email body is essential. While it doesn't help individuals who've already signed up, extraordinary content gets shared, and if your existing members forward your emails to their network, you'll be wanting them to subscribe, too.

3 Cleanse your subscriber list frequently

It's appealing to email as many individuals in one shot to engage more potential clients, however retaining your uninterested readers on your mailing list can be the death of your open rate. Readers that seldom open emails render your campaign less successful because you're not evaluating the campaign's quality on your most faithful recipients.

4 Ensure the main message and CTA is above the fold

Should your main message and CTA be placed below the fold, almost 70% of subscribers will not see it. Additionally, any CTA must be reiterated at least 3 times through the email in numerous locations and types.

5 Ensure your email width is no more than 650 pixels

In the event your email template is broader than 650 pixels, it's highly likely your members will have to scroll horizontally to view your whole message. This is even more troublesome for a person on a mobile device.

6 Compose engaging but succinct subject lines

A great subject line needs to consist of between 30 and 50 characters. Some email accounts and mobile devices truncate subject lines that exceed this length. Your email subject line must also generate a feeling of urgency, whilst providing subscribers some hint of what they should expect when they open the email.

7 A/B test subject lines and CTAs

If are unable to improve your email's open and click-through rates, two things may be awry. One, you aren't emailing the correct people, or two, the content of your email has to be modified. To begin with, focus on the latter and perform an A/B test.

8 Employ auto-responders for email opt-ins

Some subscribers will forget they opted in. Schedule an auto-responder that reminds individuals they opted into your email database. Each auto-responder email needs to incorporate extra content or bonus information to reward the person to opt in, or they may not feel they've enough motivation to in fact opt in at all.

9 Directly link emails to specific landing pages

Your landing pages must complement the email as for headline, copy, and content. The appearance of your landing page should likewise correspond to the email. Consistency builds confidence in the content your readers are receiving.

10 Perform a quick test

Send a copy of the email to a trusted colleague. Are they able to quickly tell what your call-to-action is?

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