Google Pay Per Click Advertising For Newbies

Pay Per Click advertising is a form of paid digital advertising where marketers pay a fee every time their ad is clicked on. The phrase PPC can also relate to paid ads on social media networks, such as Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, in this article, I'm focussing on Google Ads, that helps your ads feature prominently to searchers, showing them at the top and right-hand side of Google’s search results.

But first, is Pay Per Click Advertising Right for Your company?

To determine if PPC is a great fit for your organisation you have got to first consider if you can afford it. Have you got a budget for paid advertising or do you want to concentrate on increasing your organic reach? In the event you have a paid budget is it a smart move to spend the whole sum on PPC or will there be other paid tactics you have to consider?

Pay Per Click Advertising is an effective choice if you'd like to reach individuals who are actively researching words and phrases relevant to your company. If you choose to create a PPC campaign, your spending plan will be decided by your target audience, competitors, and the sorts of products/services you want to drive awareness of.

Choosing the Right Google PPC Solution for Your Business

Google Ads Network

Google Ads help to get your website found by your target audience searching for terms pertaining to your brand, products, and content. Let's check out the advantages to help you determine if Google Ads will help you accomplish your digital marketing goals and allow you to engage your perfect audience.


  • Free Google Ads Keyword Planner to aid you to investigate the longtail keywords your potential audience are looking for.
  • Generate engaging ads that communicate the messages and products/services your potential clients are looking for.
  • Establish a daily budget to make sure you don't exceed your budget.
  • Reach your prospects on whatever device they use to search for example, laptop, mobile or tablet.
  • Evaluate the impact of your ad campaigns and discover exactly how many people view your ads, the amount of leads who click on your ads and the level of sales you've generated as a direct result.
  • Test and modify your ads, pause and re-start your ads at any time.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network enables you to serve your ad to the "right people at the right time" and in the best positions on appropriate websites. Let's take a look at the advantages of the display network


  • You can choose from a selection of ad styles, such as text ads, image ads, video ads and mobile ads.
  • Reach the selected audience of your choice. The topics targeting attribute allows you to locate your ads on websites relating to your preferred topics.
  • You will find a range of pre-made ads that you can select and personalise, or you can construct your own ads from the ground up.
  • The automatic bidding tool systematically establishes the budget for your ads for you. The budget is set to make sure your ad attains the maximum volume of clicks for the lowest cost.
  • Reporting helps you to monitor and evaluate your ad’s performance and means that you can identify how many individuals your ad reached and the actual number of people who clicked on it.

Mechanics Of PPCGoogle Ads is an extremely powerful tool for marketing and advertising. In the hands of a professional user, it can be a deadly addition to your marketing arsenal.





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