HubSpot Onboarding: The Ultimate Playbook

Running a business can mean a stack of manual tasks but they might be able to free up a lot of their time if their products have an app that helps reduce the strain and help keep everything running smoothly.

By automating a lot of those daily activities, managers are left with more downtime to dedicate toward making money for the company and ensuring it stays on track. This increased productivity leads to being able to offer better packages and services, which helps businesses grow.

Automating tasks may not be for everyone, but HubSpot can help those who have tried to start the process of automating their workflows and found them too convoluted. Some companies don’t actively pursue automation because they find it confusing or complicated either when it comes to set up or maintenance. For these types of businesses, HubSpot onboarding services can help accelerate the set-up process and make automation simple to implement and use. Here’s what you need to know:

How Does HubSpot Onboarding Work?

HubSpot Onboarding is how you perfect your craft as an entrepreneur. It's the process of configuring your apps and making them ready to use so you can start reaping the benefits instantly from the software. You can say that the ultimate goal of HubSpot Onboarding is to take tangible steps towards progress and deal with onboarding in the most effective way possible to save time, money, and headaches we've all experienced in one capacity or another.

The onboarding process that HubSpot offers is pretty much remembered as the best in the industry. It is designed in such a way that it not only teaches the user the basics of the platform but also helps them build a long-term relationship with the platform. This is achieved through a series of onboarding lessons that will help you get familiar with the entire platform.

One of the best things about HubSpot onboarding services is that they will go through your business model, and define the Goals, Plans, Challenges, and Timeline (GPCT) of the business according to its needs. And then map out a documented strategy that can help them attain desired results. They will also set up Ticket Assignment Rules, Workflows, Tasks, Service Pipeline Development, etc., that according to your business, which you may not be able to do on your own with perfection.

Who Needs HubSpot Onboarding?

So, let’s talk about this: I've created some criteria to help you determine whether it's a smart idea to get HubSpot onboarding support. HubSpot onboarding is the best option if you want to: 

  • Growing the size of your business
  • Simplify the lead nurturing process
  • Create HubSpot abandoned cart workflows to earn potential revenue.
  • Accomplish more with less work
  • Automating the contract management process and assigning owners to them. 
  • Mechanise your customer service
  • Keeping a track of your marketing & sales performance through reports and dashboards
  • Managing your order handling process smoothly.
  • Supervising your ad campaigns on multiple media.
  • Setting up chat flows to automatically determine and resolve minor issues.
  • Systematise the lead rotation process between different departments
  • Growing your brand and bringing in more revenue
  • Converting your current customers into your loyal repeating buyers.

In a nutshell, Companies that are active for six months or longer and have over 1,000 visitors per day should consider the On-Boarding package from HubSpot. This on-boarding package for companies that sell products will help you grow your company through improved customer support with easy-to-use tools that keep track of interactions, simplify sales with CRM plus marketing automation tools so you can spend less time with tedious workflows, along with an extensive collection of free resources to help you get started faster.

HubSpot Onboarding Feature list

Even though it’s not mandatory that you buy an onboarding package with HubSpot when you purchase software, if you do end up purchasing one of these packages within the first month of using their services then you won't have to configure their software on your own. Consequently, to help simplify the decision-making process and make it easier for you as a client to decide which package is best for you, I have created some criteria that should be used when making this important decision just in case there's any pressure from your upper management team or internal stakeholders.

  • Domain Setup
  • Automating Lead Scoring & Rotation
  • In-house Integration
  • Data Synchronisation
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Setting Account Defaults
  • Creating Marketing Templates
  • Custom Integration
  • Data Migration on HubSpot
  • Building Sales Dashboard
  • Custom Scheduler Setup
  • Pipeline Creation.
  • Creating Workflows/Sequences
  • Deal Creation Workflow

Every onboarding program comes in different flavours. The above HubSpot onboarding checklist shows the key components most programs contain; however, the process may differ slightly depending on whether you’re onboarding with an agency or HubSpot directly.

HubSpot Onboarding Duration

HubSpot offers two onboarding models. The first is implemented by HubSpot and the second is utilised by Certified Agency Partners (CAPs).

You have the option to onboard using either HubSpot's onboarding process or a partner agency. If you choose to use HubSpot's internal resources, keep in mind that its recommended onboarding time can last up to 3 months (HubSpot will suggest this duration) and some customers may complete the process before 3 months. If you go with a partner agency, the duration could take 6-10 weeks (or sometimes even longer depending on your specific needs). Despite whatever the timeline is of each method, make sure you allow at least 3 months for any strategy/planning to yield tangible results. This will help you determine whether the implementation has been helpful or not and how best it can be altered so that it keeps helping you achieve your company goals.

HubSpot Onboarding Pricing

When considering the specific services that we require for the services and are onboarding, it is important to think about what additional benefits of each service might add to the value of your overall package. To give you an idea, let's compare how HubSpot and our agency partner offer different pricing packages. For onboarding, HubSpot offers three types of plans at three different price points: Personal, Professional, and Enterprise. The following table illustrates what features are offered based on which price point you choose:

Talking about agency partners’ onboarding services pricing, they are customised to fit each customer according to their requirements. The price, therefore, depends on what has required whether it be a 1-page site or a 10-page site so as not to confuse potential clients with too many details, we would say that the onboarding services range from £250 to £3000 or more in certain cases. However, this does not mean you are required to come up with such amounts of money - the price can be changed depending on the varying needs and requirements of our clients.

Why Real Inbound for Onboarding?

The number one reason for choosing Real Inbound as your onboarding partner would be, we know the ins and outs of onboarding.

Instead of trying to figure out what works best on your own, our team will work with you to determine the best strategy for your company. We will customise our approach to make sure that we are providing the right amount of support at the right times. This will allow you to focus on growing your business instead of spending your time managing our support staff.

Here are a few reasons why you should onboard with us. Because we:

  1. Follow a data-driven approach to onboarding. We dive deeper into your system and learn every possible thing about it. This allows us to customise our approach, to make sure that we are providing the right amount of support at the right times. 
  2. Our team has onboarded users before and as a result, we possess a great understanding of how to create an efficient user onboarding experience.
  3. For years, we've been helping HubSpot customers boost their marketing efforts. We start by taking an honest look at your web presence and then use our insights to advise you on how to optimise it and create a winning strategy that'll elevate your business.


To conclude, HubSpot is complicated and that's why HubSpot's onboarding process exists: to help unravel its complexities in the most user-friendly way possible. Moreover, HubSpot onboarding also allows you to set, visualise, and attain goals through the software while recovering some of your investment back from it as well.

And, if you’re looking for more extensive support but your in-house resources are tight, consider partnering with an agency. They will extend your reach and help you build a more diversified strategy.

Now that you're familiar with HubSpot's onboarding and training, why don't you take a look into Real Inbound?

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