HubSpot Prospecting Space Tear Down

We recently got together with our friends James and Scott to talk Prospecting Space. This is the place in HubSpot thats designed for SDRs, or if full cycle sales people, business development. 


It contains a Summary screen of your tasks, calendar, sequences, some suggested activities (suggested by HubSpot) and of course, an overview of those all important leads. 

Within the lead section of Prospecting Space in HubSpot, your leads are carefully segmented into different categories based on their current status in your outreach process. These categories include 'New' leads that you have yet to engage with, 'Attempting' leads where you are actively trying to make contact, 'Contacted' leads that you have already reached out to, and 'Qualified' leads that have shown potential for conversion.

This segmentation allows you to easily track and prioritise your leads, ensuring that you are focusing your efforts on the most promising opportunities. It provides a clear overview of where each lead stands in the pipeline, helping you to effectively move them through the various stages of engagement. 

This lead space serves as a central hub for managing your leads effectively. It provides a seamless workflow for navigating through your lead list, allowing you to effortlessly transition from attempting initial contact to establishing connections and ultimately qualifying your leads. Leveraging the array of HubSpot tools at your disposal, including the robust 'sequences' tool, you can streamline your outreach efforts and maximise your chances of converting leads into valuable opportunities.

This feature empowers you to strategically progress leads through the various stages of engagement, ensuring that you are efficiently nurturing relationships and driving conversions.

In the video we talk about when to use the tool and indeed when to not use it. 

And of course the all important how to use it!

Let us know what you think and if you have any questions - we've love a chat to try and answer them for you. 


Tony Dowling

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