Oh Dumbass! Landing Pages Are Vital for B2B Lead Generation

Excuse, the use of the word "Dumbass" in the title, this is actually how I referred to myself some years back when I realised how crazy I'd been by omitting landing pages from my conversion strategy. Developing improved conversion rates on my B2B lead generation website was an essential step to increasing sales, whilst simultaneously growing relationships with existing customers are my brand ambassadors.

Recently I actually experienced the irritation of attempting to download some online content as it wasn't clear how or where to enter details, the form was not accepting my details and following completion I could not locate my file to download.

Poorly designed, ineffective landing pages are bad enough but more significantly, I'm amazed at how often and how many B2B websites I encounter that still don't have any landing pages at all.

  • 48% of marketers develop a new landing page for each new marketing campaign.
  • 68% of B2B businesses employ landing pages to harvest a new sales lead for later conversion.
  • The greatest challenge B2B marketers encounter in regard to lead generation is getting high-quality leads (61%).

It's crazy that today's websites, which let's face it, actually intend to attract leads and new customers don't use any landing pages.

NOTE: Landing pages are distinct pages in which website visitors sign up to obtain relevant quality content like eBooks & how to guides. Visitors become more qualified leads by exchanging their details for your personalised content.

Allow me to share 5 simple tips that you could quickly use to boost those conversions and engage with the leads that are more important to your business.

1 Landing Page Optimisation

Website visitors usually scan online content to decide if it covers the information they are looking for. By producing a sleek, structured look for your landing pages that utilise bullet points, images, and creative titles, you will ensure that visitors who arrive at your website can easily determine the most worthwhile benefits of your services. This will allow you to transform window shoppers into customers.

2 Identify Your Target Audience

A tiny bit of market research will go a good way towards optimising your landing pages and your overall marketing campaign. Establishing the most targeted demographics, commonly known as Buyer Personas, for your brand will empower you to engage with these groups more effectively and enable you to focus your vocabulary and your offers to the prospects most likely to buy. This will save you invaluable time, finances, and endeavours in reaching your perfect audience.


3 Develop engaging Call to Actions

Create convincing and well-designed call-to-actions (CTA) and make sure that they are obviously visible to your traffic who you want to hit your landing page. Your CTA is your opportunity to talk directly to your target prospects in the tone and language that will influence them with the benefits of your brand. By making it simple for visitors to reach the information they are looking for, you're able to boost their level of satisfaction, build their trust and establish your brand as an authority.

4 Building Connections

One of the best ways to generate a favourable connection with prospects is by providing live chat services on your landing pages. By offering your visitors with the option to discuss their requirements with a person live, it is possible to elevate your brand’s reputation for responsive service and help you obtain the most comprehensive information on prospects in the marketplace for your services. This will help to you supercharge your conversion rate and boost revenues for your franchise.

5 Preserve Brand Standards

Your branding initiatives must not start and end with your stationery and website. Your landing pages must also reflect your brand palettes, fonts and general design demonstrated in all business communications. By adhering to the same standards in all communications, you can bolster your brand name and reputation with your customer base and new prospects discovering your business for the very first time.

Your landing pages are a crucial component of your overall B2B lead generation strategy. Follow these simple steps and start turbo charging your lead generation immediately - remember don't be "stupid" like I was - Start employing landing pages today and kick start your conversions

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