Sales & Marketing Machine Website or Just Another Digital Brochure?

The success of your business often rests with how well your website can generate leads. Even with the best products and services in your niche, you won't make it far if no one knows about your business. That is why, in this digital age, you need to create a marketing machine website. Also known as a lead generation website, it helps convert your visitors into leads.

And unlike the standard traditional website that may serve as a digital brochure for your organisation, marketing machine websites actively educate your visitors and provides opportunities for them to learn more about your company, products, and services.

A lead-generating website aims to convert qualified leads as those customers go through their respective buyer journeys. With that said, in this article, we will discuss why you need a lead generation website instead of just another digital brochure. What's more, we will discuss the best tips for making a successful marketing machine website for your business.

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1.    Understand Your Client Base and Build a website to Solve their Needs

The first and most crucial step to building a marketing machine website for your business is identifying your potential clients and the needs you'd like to help them solve. Create a buyer persona profile and collect all relevant information here. You also need to identify the kind of questions and leads your website is making.

Get together with your marketing team and organise the questions in 3 stages of a buyer's journey. That should include; what your solution solves, the results, and what your audience can purchase from you. If you work on your strategy, you will have a solid core to build your content marketing.

2.    Consider the End Goal

When creating a sales marketing machine website, you can easily be caught up in a loop of throwing CTA forms and landing pages everywhere. However, this will not always give you the leads you want. Before you try out every strategy known, take time and think about what your end goal is. You will need to answer a few questions like; what kind of leads do you need? Identify what a lead means to you, as this will make it easier for you to

3.    Create Content and Educate your Audience

Google is always looking for the best answers, as this is how the algorithm works. So, if you want to stay ahead of your competition and generate leads with your website, you need to provide good answers to the questions your leads ask.

What's more, these answers should be able to generate value for your potential clients. That's by helping your lead understand how they can solve their problems. Your content should give options and the possible outcomes for each possible outcome.

By providing educative content to your lead, you are helping them advance in their buying journey in a very unbiased way. Remember, an educated lead has better chances of paying for the result as they understand the value of your proposition.

4.    Convert Your Website Visitors into Leads

Content is the most reliable way to convert website visitors into leads. Content offers your leads a deeper explanation of how they can solve their issues. You make a content offer that they will, in turn, trade for their email and name. Visitors who are really interested in solving these issues will give this information voluntarily.

Remember, if you have no way of contacting your visitors, all you have is data and not leads. And as we all know, it's impossible for your sales team to work with data alone. No matter how many likes, shares, retweets and impacts, that doesn't directly translate to your leads. That is why a good conversion strategy is very crucial as well. Some of the best conversion strategies include;

·       Adding Quality Forms

If you are looking for the easiest way to convert those qualified leads on your sales marketing machine website, you should consider adding forms. The forms could range from a simple contact form or a request quote form. It helps to give you the information you might need to determine if your lead is qualified and can now talk to your sales team. Use the quality forms to ask for only the information you need. For instance, with an entry-level quality form, you can ask for your visitor's name, email, and company name.

·       Enhance Credibility with Images and Testimonials

The onset of a buyer's journey is realising they have a problem they need to solve and researching the available solutions. While testimonials are always a powerful tool in marketing, adding photos and rich media like audio and videos takes everything a step further. Here, you are not forcing the hard sell but showing your visitors that your company is legitimate and has authority in your industry.

You are simply providing them with the information they need to make an informed decision before purchasing. However, rich media such as videos can be a bit bandwidth-heavy for sales marketing machine websites. In that case, solid testimonials will lend you the support you need and have a powerful impact on your

5.    Test and Optimise

The final best practice to making your website a sales & marketing machine is to always test and optimise it. When it comes to lead generation, you always have to put in some work on the website. To understand how you might enhance those conversion rates, you should constantly evaluate your statistics, test different CTAs, and adopt new techniques. Try a different content offer or CTA if one isn't working. A good lead-generating website is constantly evolving and optimizing to match the goals and needs of its users.

In Summary

It's evident that only a sales marketing machine website can deliver leads. Plus, no matter how many leads your website generates it’s no good if your sales and marketing team isn't well equipped to handle the leads. Make sure the sales and marketing team has strategies in place to convert the leads your website is generating into sales; otherwise, your website will be just generating leads that no one will follow up with.

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