Slam dunk your team's buy-in to inbound Sales

Irrespective of whether your are the owner, sales director or sales consultant, when your business growth slows, it’s time to stop and work out a more effective strategy. Hopefully, by now you will have come across inbound marketing and its incredible potential to catapult your inbound sales, focussing your strategy on content marketing to build relationships.

Jumping the team hurdle

Anyone who has already discovered the unrivalled power and success that results from the customer centric, content & engagement marketing techniques that makes up inbound marketing, is probably thinking what's the best way to enlighten, convert and win team buy-in.

Trouble down't pit

It’s quite common for colleagues and executives to initially disagree on viewpoint and understanding, which can leave a company devoid of an unified clear strategy, which in turn will result in poor performance.

It's time to start winning

If your sales and marketing strategy and methodology aren’t producing qualified leads that the sales team can close, it’s time to make winners out of everyone and engage them with the inbound sales plan.

So, how do you go about educating and converting philosophy

1 Reveal the depressing state of outbound marketing compared to inbound marketing

If your management or marketing team is caught in the old school mindset of actively communicating your message by shouting at an undefined broad audience, they need to drastically reassess their strategy.

Let the facts speak for themselves, HubSpot’s annual report of inbound sales and marketing innovations offers an overview of how companies are employing inbound marketing strategy and content marketing. The report radiates with some exciting insight into the incessant development of the contemporary marketing.

Key Takeaways from the report:

  • 75% of marketers around the world focus on inbound marketing methodology.
  • Both inbound and outbound marketers rate paid advertising as the foremost overrated marketing strategy.
  • Tried & tested marketing ROI releases budget, assuming you are tracking your ROI in the first place.
  • Top marketers understand that inbound marketing is a long game.
  • Inbound is the favoured marketing strategy irrespective of company type; B2B, B2C and non-profit
  • Inbound strategies realise greater ROI than outbound, over a diverse array of company sizes and budgets.
  • Developing a Marketing & Sales team SLA creates greater equilibrium and delivers improved ROI.

2 Demonstrate the advantages of relationship building

Selling isn’t an easy process, it’s a significant investment for every potential business and the conclusion to invest only transpires following substantial research and evaluation.

Leads caught in your sales funnel can be catastrophic, especially if your brand is one of many your prospect is considering. If no effort is made to start a dialogue, it can become challenging to engage and motivate these reluctant leads.

If missed opportunities are afflicting your lead generation initiatives, it’s essential to convey how inbound sales is focused on initiating two-way conversations by supplying valuable, relevant content and information to those who are already searching for the answers and solutions.

Hammer home the reality that rather than chasing faceless worthless leads, inbound focuses on attracting targeted prospective franchisees and walking them hand in hand through the lead nurturing process until they are ready to invest.

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3 Build your brand with content

Content marketing, the heart of inbound, transcends flashy brochure websites. The fundamental difference is that content builds trust, credibility and authority. Almost certainly the most significant problem with websites these days is the absence of any content that isn’t authored solely to sell, market and showcase the offer. To be candid, the majority of serious prospects recognise and have an aversion to these tactics, generally clicking away immediately.

Prospects visit your site with questions that selling details simply don’t answer. Inbound sales concentrates on marketing your opportunity by verifying your brand as a source that in fact helps them

If you’re pitching inbound, always remember to keep the bottom line rewards clear and foremost. For your boardroom particularly, processes are subordinate to results. Facts and data is key

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