Smash Your Website Lead Generation with These 5 Tactics

Quality surpasses quantity when it comes to website lead generation. But at the same time, people don't like being sold to, and they resent the idea of simply being numbers in a database somewhere.

One of the best ways to generate revenue is by generating buzz about your business. All in all, lead generation is a tricky part of the process. You need to ensure that you don't just get leads but high-quality ones that can easily convert. The only way you can take your business to the next level is by generating high-quality leads.

That said, in this article, we will discuss the most effective tactics for lead nurturing and website lead generation. These tactics will help you optimise your efforts so that you can attract and convert qualified prospective clients.

1.    Landing Page Optimisation

The landing page is often the one place where your website visitors will be prompted to give you, their information. For that reason, you must optimise your landing page to provide you with the best possible results. All in all, you need to be clear in your goals about what you expect the landing page to do for you.

The landing page should have videos and images that depict your products and services in the best possible way. That will catch the visitor's attention and potentially help improve lead generation. All in all, as you work on your landing page optimisation, make sure it doesn't increase the page load time as that will interfere with the user experience.

Your landing page needs to catch the attention of people visiting your website and make them want to give you their information willingly. That is why as you optimise your landing page; you should make sure it's convincing and well-written. It should encourage people who come to your website to try out your products or services.

And the icing on the cake; make sure you have a relevant CTA button on your landing page. This call-to-action button should be located in a prime location on the landing page where everyone who visits your website can easily see it. Implementing these landing page optimisation tactics will make it easier to achieve your website lead generation goals.

2.    Create Gated Content

Gated content is another reliable website lead generation tactic. This content includes material that's only accessible to users who have filled out a form on your website. And unlike landing pages and regular blogs, gated content is locked. To access the content, users are required to complete a lead capture form.

Gated content is always an effective lead generation strategy because it gives the audience something valuable for free. At the same time, it attracts high-quality leads interested in topics related to the services and products your brand offers. Some of the gated assets include; E-books, online tools, reports, guides, courses, white papers, and courses. With that said, you can consider creating a dedicated resource section on your website where users can access the content after they fill in your lead capture form.

3.    Give Better Offers and Discounts

There is always a lot of room for improvement, especially regarding conversion rates. The average conversion rate of the top landing pages is 3x to 5x. If you are wondering how they do this, it's by giving their website visitors better offers. This is a more effective website lead generation strategy than the typical optimisations like changing fonts and button colours.

The best software companies offer a free trial. The best dentists give their clients free consultations. And this is how they can convert their leads into sales. So, it's essential that you ask yourself if what you are offering is unique, compelling, and provides value to the visitors.

That said, if your business has been struggling with low conversion rates, it's crucial that you try doing something drastic as changing up your offer. While the minor optimisations might come in handy, they will only spawn small results.

4.    Consider Remarketing

With remarketing, you can tag your website visitors then get back to them as they continue handling their business around the web. It could be when they check their emails, search on Google, watch YouTube videos, or even hang out with friends on social media platforms.

The remarketing strategy helps to turn abandoners into leads. This website lead generation tactic works because usually, at least 96% of your website visitors will leave your landing page without converting. All in all, remarketing helps to amplify all of your other marketing activities like social media marketing.

Essentially, remarketing helps to position you in front of your audience again. This stands as one of the best strategies to bring back visitors who have visited your website earlier.

5.    Leverage Live Chatbot Conversations

A lot goes into marketing that you won't always have the time and effort to dedicate to your website lead generation strategy. So, it's vital that you get help. Chatbots are some of the best lead generation tools. That's because they have the best technology for building rapport with your prospective buyers.

The best part is that these chatbots are always available 24/7. All you have to do is first set up the bots to match your brand personality. That ensures your chatbots function as an automatic extension of your sales and marketing team.


In Summary

Website lead generation often feels like an uphill task. However, you have to take this journey if you want to drive revenue. The good thing is that if you implement these five website lead generation tactics, you will be on your way to generating higher revenues for your business. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how effectively you can get your website visitors to give you their details willingly.

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