The HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Trends 2022

If you're as big a marketing geek as we are at Real Inbound, you'll have been looking forward to this annual publication. If you're interested in Inbound Marketing or any type of marketing then the benchmarks, insight and resources in this document will fascinate you.

What does Marketing look like in 2022?

The year 2022 seems to be when creators really start to breakthrough to the mainstream. Marketers are meeting audiences on Tik Tok and YouTube like never before. Influencer personalities are dominating digital engagement and creating and producing consistent high-quality content that rivals major brands.

This HubSpot survey collected data from more than 1600 B2B and B2C marketers around the world and across industries. The questions that were asked were as follows:

  • Which channels are marketers using
  • The most effective marketing strategies
  • Emerging trends in marketing
  • Channels that are no longer is effective or worthy of investing new resources
  • How to connect with consumers

We learn the data reveals influences are here to stay and will continue to get more and more powerful in the marketing world. We're also here in one small that video and short form video especially should be a part of every marketer's strategy. Marketers are working smarter not harder this year and templates are one of the most popular and effective tools to superpower your marketing team. And as expected during this time of environmental upheaval, social, economic, and even political challenges, marketers need to be ready to change their plans and be flexible about their objectives.

Before you jump to the bottom of the page to open your very own copy on PDF (no email required) here are a couple of the highlights you will have to look forward to.

6 insights from HubSpot's The State of Inbound Marketing Trends Report

  1. The data from this survey shows without doubt that video content like TikTok’s and Instagram reels are the most effective type of social media content. It seems like everyone is now addicted to doom scrolling on their phone and wasting hours if every day. If it just wasn't all so damn entertaining!
  2. Even though short form content seems more popular than ever videos themselves are still the top content marketing media format and that's for the third year in a row. It really is the case that no self-respecting website or social media channel is complete without video. And it's not all about selling. Lots of people including asset real inbound, use video for customer service to answer frequent questions and help people with their problems.
  3. It's also not much of a surprise to see that social media is the number one marketing channel in 2022. We're not so convinced that organic social media provides the opportunity that it once did but there is no doubt that paid for social media on all the main channels can be highly effective. And that means it's highly cost effective too.
  4. Out of all the social media channels we may be familiar with Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are the top three social media platforms marketers are using this year. As TikTok continues its steam roller like progress and tales of Facebook’s demise abound now, it'll be interesting to see what that top three looks like this time next year.
  5. And potentially in a blow for all those influencers churning out endless content on multiple channels, 83% of marketers believe it's more effective to create much higher quality content but make it less often.
  6. And finally, before you dive into the full report for yourself, the news is that Facebook has the best ROI for social media advertising versus all the other platforms. We'd like to add that it's even more important than ever before to get a Facebook advertising expert to help you with your advertising because as popular as it is, it's easy to get wrong

Now click the image below to download the PDF, pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!

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