The significance of CRM and CMS integration

Deliver more benefit to your organisation through seamless system integration.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are employed daily by millions of companies of all sizes, these highly effective solutions can easily supply valuable information and produce a consistent connection across all business departments.

A great CRM platform will incorporate a host of functionality such as tracking contacts and leads to streamlining your email marketing activities. That said, a CRM is only as effective as the data it receives, this is the reason for having your CRM integrated directly with your content management system (CMS).

A website is now able to garner an abundance of information for your business; the most conventional form of this might have been a “Contact Us” form that would have been completed and emailed to a staff member who would make a manually entry into your CRM.

This is certainly one way data can be captured by websites. Others include things like your e-commerce order history and content download history. When this information isn't getting recorded immediately and transmitted to the CRM via an automatic process, you'll more than likely be squandering resources by in inputting this data by hand or even worse not entering it at all.

Improved Customer Profiling

This automatic process will make sure your personnel have direct access to all the most recent insights, they won't have to worry about the accuracy and reliability of the data or whether the most recent records have already been added manually. The seamless integration of the two systems provides your workforce with a new level of confidence with regards to pursuing prospective leads.

Possessing this exclusive data about individual users furnishes your salespeople with indispensable information. This data enables you to build a more rounded customer persona empowering you to deliver a more individualised experience when it comes to content and products that are being marketed.

Sales Response Time

Another benefit of having your CRM integrated with your CMS system is the decreased reaction time to inquiries. If an individual has requested information or a quotation through the website the CRM can speedily determine the suitable department or person to receive the enquiry.

Websites are typically the first point of contact with prospective customers, by collecting data and intelligence about their online behaviour you're much better enabled to supply a more engaging user experience for your target audience.

HubSpot CMS A Webstars Guide

HubSpot CMS Web Stars Guide

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