VIDEO: Do You Even Need A Website?

We recently ran a survey on Linkedin to see how many people thought that every business of every type needs a website. The results were interesting...

25% of respondents said no, they were OK using Social Media tools to market their business. I also asked the question in several Facebook business groups and once again found that a significant number of people have moved on from the old school 'one pager' and are utilising modern Social platforms and the tools they afford them. 

Obviously, as a business that builds Marketing Machines for our customers we are more than in favour of using websites!

But we think social media has identified yet another revenue opportunity, and that is the small one page website. Instead of paying for the 'design' of one of these brochure sites, and then a monthly service and rental charge, it will be increasingly likely we will see these small market and local trades move into social media completely.

Their audience is there. They don't have to worry about hosting, security, complex marketing like SEO and PPC, and most of all the tools they use to present their services will get easier to use and cheaper to run.

A website should be as carefully consider and invested in as a new building or office. It needs to attract customers, its need to convert that audience in leads and it needs to convert those leads into sales. 

It should be a way for you to speak to your clients and help them with their service requirements as well as a way to learn more about them, the buyer journey. You website should be dedicated to attracting new business and creating advocate for you at the same time.

Otherwise you need to ask the question, whats it for? And it it doing the job you've 'hired' it to do? 

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