Web Design Benefits - Inbound Marketing Agency Vs Web Designer Part 2

Welcome back in this second part where we discuss; Budget, Relationship and Accountability.

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1.    Budget

One of the scariest parts of marketing. But here's the thing: the cost of marketing depends on what your goals are.

Budget when working with an inbound marketing agency

An inbound marketing agency helps to deliver more value to your website with additional strategies. That will obviously reflect in your cost. If you want aggressive lead generation, partnering with a marketing agency will definitely get you the results you are looking for. That's because this team includes a plethora of talented experts in different fields. That will help you solidify your website's marketing strategy without necessarily working with different companies.

An inbound marketing agency typically acts as an all-in-one marketing solution, and you will get the overall budget of your entire marketing strategy. The budget will likely be a bit higher, but you are gaining access to all these resources in one place. More importantly, the end result will also be higher due to the expert guidance of the agency and their aggressive tactics towards marketing your business.


2.    Relationship

The success of your redesign is mainly determined by the kind of relationship you foster with your inbound marketing agency or website designer. Typically, the inbound marketing agency will drive a long-term relationship, while website designers will only work with the client until the project is completed. So, which between the two is the best kind of relationship for you and your project?

By nature, website designers will work project to project. A website designer will help you outline the best strategy for your design, ensure the design is on-brand and beautiful then develop everything all together. As soon as you have a unique new website, your relationship with the website designer dissolves.

While some web designers will offer follow-up support to fix your website bugs and other underlying issues. Sometimes you may want to go back to your website designer for some standalone designs or templates, but this doesn't warrant building a long-term relationship. That said, you can build a fantastic short-term relationship with your website designer. However, all this is relative to the goals you have and what you are hoping to achieve.

Benefits of Your Relationship with an Inbound Marketing Agency

Inbound marketing agencies always focus on nurturing long-term relationships with clients. That's regardless of the initial scope of the project. However, there are times when it makes sense for both partners to take a shortcut in their relationship. Maybe you have a great marketing team but lack the design and development expertise to revamp your website.

The ideal agency will work as an extension of your marketers to ensure that your strategy is sound after launch and that it builds on the stunning design that was generated.

It requires a lot of effort and energy to get aggressive results. That's why working with an inbound marketing agency on a long-term basis will help you get the most out of your newly rebuilt website.

While a website project may take 3-6 months, with a higher degree of assistance from an agency, you'll get additional suggestions on how to take the brand-new website and use it, in the long run, to help you achieve your long-term goals.

3.    Accountability and reliability

As I've highlighted, the work of a web designer ends immediately after the coding and interface part is complete. These experts rarely follow up on the progress of the website, especially when it comes to marketing. Even though you will get an excellent website, the rest will be on you to take care of. That's because a web designer's job is already complete by the time the website is live. Even though some designers follow up with the clients, it usually doesn't include the marketing part.

Accountability of an inbound marketing agency

An inbound marketing agency will follow through with the work after the website is live and continue working on your marketing strategy. Typically, these agencies have a monthly subscription packet that will continue to work long after the original project is over and done with. Therefore, your company will continue to enjoy the perks of this agency for as long as your budget can support it or as long as you wish. That makes them reliable and accountable for the marketing of your website.

To sum it all up

On balance, the decision to pick a website designer or an agency boils down to you. What do you want for your company? What is your budget? And what are your future plans?


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