What Is an Inbound Marketing Agency

Digital marketers, these days, are all raving about inbound marketing. Buyers are now doing research on their own terms, which has shifted the buyer's journey. An inbound marketing strategy creates content that customers will find interesting, useful, and tailor-made to their needs. Your lead generation and sales will increase when you use an effective inbound marketing strategy.

Marketing is a core function of any organisation. A company's marketing department has a lot of work to do, including creating new marketing strategies, branding campaigns, PR campaigns, Facebook ads, and so much more. To do this work, marketing teams usually employ the help of outside marketing agencies.

But what is an inbound marketing agency, exactly?

An inbound marketing agency helps businesses engage and convert prospects into customers by leveraging digital marketing expertise. If you want it simple, It’s us. Here's what we do as an inbound marketing agency:

  • Develop content strategies that will grow clients' businesses by presenting them with unique and innovative ideas. 
  • Create targeted campaigns based on predefined audience segments. 
  • Determine how to optimise your presence on the right marketing channels for your business. 
  • Bring you profitable and high-quality leads.

An inbound agency's responsibility is to help its clients optimise their marketing results. But any marketing agency should do that. Why does 'inbound marketing' hold such a special place? 

It's because it's more holistic and customer-centric than other forms of marketing. Inbound marketing helps businesses ensure that the customers and their needs are the focus of the business, first and foremost. It's the reason a lot of companies claim it's the future of marketing. You can't expect to just hire a marketing agency and then receive all the benefits of inbound marketing. It's the responsibility of the inbound marketing agency to work with its clients to help them understand what this means. 

At its core, inbound marketing is about getting your ducks in a row so that you can make the most of your time and money. By putting all your efforts into inbound marketing, you can generate leads that will result in a significantly higher return on investment. Therefore, we focus on inbound marketing at our agency- so that we can help our customers get the most out of their marketing budget.

Now for the big question. How do inbound marketing agencies relate to sales and marketing?

Inbound and Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about generating leads and boosting customer conversion rates. To do this, your content needs to be aligned with each stage of the buyer's journey. You need to be able to guide prospects through the decision-making process, from awareness to consideration, to decision.

Inbound marketing agencies rely on content to bring in visitors and convert them into leads and customers. But not just any content will do. The best inbound marketing agencies produce high-quality content that is interesting, informative, and engaging. This kind of content is so compelling that it stays with the reader long after they've finished consuming it. Just like you might still search for a favorite toy from your childhood, great content leaves a lasting impression. As a content-driven agency, we are committed to developing successful content.

Inbound agencies naturally depend on this for their marketing activities, and here is how we do it:

  • Our training focuses on channel selection and strategies.
  • Our team creates content for your digital acquisition campaign.
  • We develop a marketing budget for your company, as well as theme and content calendar ideas.
  • We will assist you throughout in reaching your goals.

The most important part of our services includes creating buyer personas and identifying your actual target market. We use this as our recipe for success as well as the basis for our specialisation.

Inbound and Sales

Sales convert inbound leads into paying customers. To do this, they need to be qualified. A qualified inbound lead is a prospect who has already expressed an interest in what you're selling based on their activity. 

For inbound Sales to be successful, Marketing and Sales need to be aligned. This means they need to be on the same page about who the ideal customer is and what qualifies a lead.

If your sales team can’t handle every opportunity and lead generated, even the best marketing strategy could be ineffective. Real Inbound offers the following services

  • We offer customised HubSpot training.
  • We develop strategies that any sales team can implement.
  • Our team helps you make the right connections and use them effectively.

Inbound and HubSpot

Real Inbound is proud to be a Certified HubSpot Partner. Our HubSpot experts provide training services and are experts in all things HubSpot. Our specialty is inbound marketing, and we offer our clients the best possible services through a variety of platforms. Our inbound marketing tools include:

  • Social media 
  • Email marketing 
  • Landing pages
  • Forms
  • The HubSpot CRM 

So now that you know a little more about inbound marketing, you might be wondering if your company could benefit from working with an agency that specialises in this. And like with most things in business, it depends on your specific needs. Here is how an inbound marketing agency can help your company.

What You Can Expect from An Inbound Agency

Creating custom digital marketing solutions that engage potential customers is an involved process. You need to take the time to measure all the right ingredients, mix them perfectly, and then put in the effort to bake it until it's just right. And even when you think you've got it all figured out, there's always room for improvement.

That's where an inbound marketing agency comes in. They guide your efforts, make sure you're using the best practices, and help you put together a marketing strategy that will get results. Whether or not you're trying to attract more leads, save on customer acquisition spending, or close more sales, an inbound marketing agencies can help you achieve your goals.

We are a HubSpot partner and inbound marketing agency devoted to helping you reach your marketing goals. Many of our clients have implemented inbound marketing strategies with our help. Get in touch with us now to discuss your project. 

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