12 Advantages of Email Marketing Your Marketing Teams Need To Know

As a marketer, it's exciting to be a part of a growing industry but you may have heard that email marketing is dead. It's been a top concern for many marketers across the board and I can understand why.

It's no secret that email marketing is still alive and kicking. The statistics don't lie when it comes to email marketing. It's still one of the most widely used forms of communication and is here to stay. Here are just a few stats [from Hubspot] to show you why email marketing is still relevant:  40 percent of B2B marketers say email newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success.   53% of B2B marketers are using a content marketing strategy to attract new leads, which is why email is so vital.   73% of millennials prefer to receive promotional emails from businesses via email. It makes perfect sense that email is the tool that brands use to connect with their customers!

A comprehensive email marketing strategy is therefore necessary for businesses.  Here is a breakdown of the top benefits of email marketing, showing why it's such a powerful marketing strategy.

1. Customising content.

Email marketing allows you to create targeted campaigns.

The smallest form of personalisation is including the name of the sender in the email. Subject lines with the recipient's name have a higher click-through rate than those without. As an alternative, you can also segment your audience to create more individualised content so that you can send the right emails to the right customers. 

Your emails can be highly personalised to fit the needs of your audience, which is one of the main benefits of email marketing. For increased engagement, your emails may include different images or subject lines. In addition, segmenting your lists by geography or engagement level can also be done.

Sending the right email at the right time to the right person is crucial to executing a successful email marketing campaign. Ultimately, it boils down to segmentation and personalisation.

2. Compiling feedback and surveys.

It is important to keep an eye on customer experience if you want them to keep engaging, buying, and interacting with your brand.

You can do this through email marketing. Customer satisfaction surveys are an excellent way to get customer feedback via email campaigns, for example.

This is the best way of calculating the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This sort of score enables you to determine which customers are advocates and which ones are detractors. This data can help you improve your customer service.

3. Achieving higher revenue.

The benefits of email marketing extend beyond increasing sales, as it is a great marketing tool. The majority of marketers point to email as their top ROI driver, and segmented campaigns can increase revenue by as much as 760%.

The emails can feature products or services, send special offers to customers, or encourage them to purchase after they abandon their cart. A recent survey indicates that 59% of respondents use marketing emails to influence their purchase decisions.

If an audience has opted-in to receive your emails and updates, it is more likely for them to purchase if these messages are incorporated into email marketing campaigns.

A portion of your sales process can also be automated with email marketing, which also increases sales.

4. Engaging your audience.

Marketers are always tasked with improving communication with their audiences. You're more likely to establish a loyal customer base when your audience feels like they can talk to you.

Good emails are appreciated by people. Did you enjoy looking at the latest news when you received a marketing email from a brand you love recently? It was probably fun and kept you in touch with your favorite brand if you liked it.

Email marketing increases exposure for your brand and allows you to communicate directly with brand advocates. In addition, your audience is always engaged with these emails, regardless of the time of year.

5. Increasing website traffic.

Do you have any strategies in place when you produce great content for your audience? Probably an email will do.

Your SEO will improve with email marketing campaigns. As a bonus, your audience will remain engaged with your brand.

Our emails generate traffic and make our content available to our audience, which is why we send them. Create an email that contains a link to your content, but make sure it includes a call to action (CTA) that will lead readers to your website.

6. Creating timely campaigns.

Traditional marketing campaigns can take months to plan and execute since they are set in time and place. Then again, you won't know whether your campaign assets are going to be seen when they're required.

In contrast, email marketing can result in a completely planned campaign in a shorter period. Further, you can make sure your email is received as soon as possible. You could, for example, send the right message to the right audience at the right time by using audience segmentation.

7. Generating more leads.

Email marketing can also help you increase leads, in the same vein as improving sales. Inbound marketing uses email marketing to nurture leads and convert them into customers.

Take the case of downloading a lead magnet from a website. As time goes on, drip emails begin to arrive, and your decision to book a demo is solid. The number of qualified leads that the marketing team can forward to the sales team just increased by switching from an MQL to an SQL.

Your sales team will not waste time on bad leads if you use email marketing campaigns to further qualify leads. Also, you can determine who opens your emails and clicks the links in emails if you track leads using lead scoring.

8. Knowing when to reach the right people.

The right customers at the right time are crucial to having a successful marketing campaign. That's why I'm bringing it up again.

Because people always check their email, email marketing is much easier to reach them. Any marketing campaign can benefit from users checking it across multiple devices at any time, which increases its effectiveness. Regularly interacting with your audience means you're always at the top of their list.

9. Designing budget-friendly campaigns.

A typical email marketing campaign is typically cheaper than a traditional mailing or print campaign. There is no charge for photoshoots, location fees, printers, mailing, or placement. If you aren't using stock images, then you just need a copywriter and graphic designer. It's possible to have one person do both at the same time.

Additionally, email campaigns are quick to create.  Sending an email within a day can save you both time and money compared to receiving a direct mail or print campaign. Email marketing campaigns generate revenue and are more effective since time and budget are always concerns for marketers.

10. Improving your audience's experience.

Businesses strive to provide value to their audiences so they keep returning. When customers don't buy from you, you can add value to them through email marketing. 

As a result of the customer/prospect opting in, you can also offer more resources via email marketing to contacts interested in what you have to say. More people will pay attention to you and your ROI will be higher if you consistently provide value.

11. Establishing a venue for self-promotion.

Your business may have difficulty reaching out to prospects where they don't necessarily opt-in to receive updates. The best way to attract customers is to promote yourself. A company won't get any business if it can't promote itself and sell its products.

As long as your customers opted-in, you'll always be able to promote yourself via email marketing campaigns. Emails may inform you of a new product, a new feature, a new benefit, or new content.  It isn't unwelcome or disruptive because the customer wants to hear from you.

12. Being in control of your media and contacts.

Social media platforms are a great way to express yourself, but they also come with a few caveats. The flaw with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other similar platforms are that they don't let you own your content. The platform allows you to put text and images on their site, but they own the copyright to them (not you). They also own your follower list. If you spend a lot of time building up a following and then the platform disappears one day, your list will have evaporated into thin air. Luckily, other platforms are more permanent. These are referred to as social networking platforms. Marketers and businesses use them to advertise, sell products, and build relationships. They're better suited to building a solid online presence.


The fact is that email marketing is still relevant today. In fact, it can be one of the best ways to reach leads and customers. Despite some people saying that email marketing is dead, there's still plenty of flexibility and features that you can utilise to reach your audience and communicate with them. If you own a business and want to reach more customers, email marketing is the way to do it. This is a very effective marketing tool that you can use to boost sales and gain leads.

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