Stop Selling To Succeed, Nurture Your Recruitment Lead Generation Until They Pop

The Inbound marketing methodology has very specific techniques that form a proven structured approach to marketing. One of its maxims is that people won't commit until their problems are severe enough. Because you will never actually know in advance when that issue, problem or pain point is moving to maturity, you need to manage your recruitment lead generation of your prospects in an continuous way. By the time your leads are ready to come on board, they'll know all about your agency and will more inclined to reach out to you, providing you the best potential to welcome these prospects to your recruitment agency.

The real test is developing highly effective lead nurturing routines that move your prospects along the sales process easily. Here are some best  practices to nurture you recruitment leads.

Plan the whole war not just the battle

You simply can't begin composing lead nurturing emails and presume they'll work. You need to consider your whole content marketing strategy and determine exactly what makes your brand extraordinary before you actually embark on the nurturing process.

Be certain that you contemplate each touch point that your potential clients encounter with your brand. It's important to pre-plan the whole experience from, when your prospect first becomes aware of your recruitment agency, to when they first hit your website, to exactly what occurs after they download some content, to blog updates and continuing nurturing communications.

Stop selling and start growing

Your recruitment lead generation nurturing strategy MUST NOT incorporate any attempt to sell whatsoever. The moment you try to, start selling, request a consultation, arrange a call or offer an incentive, you expose yourself to the possibility of that prospect never considering you or worse still never considering your agency.

Resisting the urge to sell is difficult for some people, however, if you subscribe to the idea that sales only close when the prospects pain-point is severe enough, the prospect feels secure and you have demonstrated your value, then all you have to do is let the "buyers journey" progress and make your best effort to produce that amazing experience for your leads as they proceed.

I understand that traditionally you've become used to making proactive decisions, but the more you concentrate on, patiently providing consistent, relevant, educational content, the more that will position you as a trusted authority in your market and the more successful your sales team will be.

Imagine this - your sales guys will be engaging with prospects who already know and have confidence in your agency, are genuinely eager to say yes rather people that are still saying, what if?, how about that?, I'm considering this, or simply no!

Data drives success

Lead nurturing is an extremely measurable, data driven process. You're able to discover which of your recruitment lead generation nurturing emails progress the sales process and which don't. You'll identify fairly quickly, which messages convert and which don't, you'll determine which result in engagement and which don't.

Given that inbound marketing is more scientific than traditional outbound marketing, you're able to understand what you are doing and how you are doing it in a entirely new way. Make use of this data to continually enhance the system. When you discover a process that works well, do more and when you find an activity that's not so effective, modify it or stop it.

Kiss for control - Keep it simple stupid

One challenge linked with lead nurturing, is that often, when you begin developing campaigns for each piece of content and prospect touch-point on your website, you rapidly find yourself managing numerous campaigns. It's easy for this to get out of control very quickly, resulting in you being unable to understand which campaign is accomplishing what and for whom.

Keep it simple. You can make use of templates and reuse recruitment lead nurturing emails. Providing that your buyer personas match and the phase of the buyer's journey is comparable, you don't require new nurturing campaigns for each situation. Sand bag underperforming emails and replace with new communications, new offers and new copy to see whether you can enhance results. Swapping out the old for new also helps your prevent from losing control.

Believe me, I completely understand the desire to smash down doors to increase your recruitment lead generation and revenue immediately, but lead nurturing is truly one of the commonly overlooked areas of expertise that drives your recruitment leads and guides them safely through the buyer's journey. Ultimately, this process delivers prospects who want to buy.

Please don’t neglect the effectiveness of a robust integrated inbound recruitment lead generation and nurturing strategy


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