Writers Block - The Secrets to Create Content from Nothing

Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing generates 3X more leads at a 62% lower cost. According to Inbound marketing experts, 82% of marketers who focus on content achieve positive ROI. (Source: HubSpot)

Creating high-quality content is essential for your brand's success. A good content strategy is what makes a brand successful. Compelling content does more for a business than simply attracting website traffic and boosting its ranking on search engine results pages, It engages, informs, and persuades their target audiences as well.

Yes, you want to create quality content, but what does that entail?

Quality content comes down to creating content that not only provides you with an organic online presence, but also appeals on an emotional, intellectual, and value level to your readers. Creating an engaging piece of content requires using keyword and SEO data as well as attracting the reader's attention and motivating them to trust you.

As a result, you're behind the curve if you don't create content.

But the question is, where do you start?  Whether you’re experiencing a creative block or you’re in a rut with your content, don't give up. If you can't think of anything, here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing!

Conduct a Brainstorm

Brainstorming is the key to creating successful content. The purpose of brainstorming is to generate ideas for content that your audience will enjoy so that you will know what to do next before you start writing, designing, or filming. Additionally, consider how you intend to engage with your audience and where you plan on doing so. Take the time now to decide on your tone and voice so that you can save time later.

Create content with the reader in mind

As we create content, we are often preoccupied with what we want for our website. There is a certain look we seek or a certain feeling we want to convey. As content creators, we want to make the content we enjoy writing.

However, although it's important to keep those things in mind, they shouldn't be the center. Ultimately, you're creating your creative content for your audience; appeal to their curiosity and make it for them. When you aren't pulling in the crowds with your content, you're likely ignoring your audiences' needs.

Ask yourself: Who are you writing articles for? To whom would you like to direct your infographic? How do you hope to provide value to your audience?

Generally speaking, content that has practical use leads to a higher level of interest than merely informational content. Make sure your articles give your readers something they can use in their everyday lives.

Add variety to your content

Keep it diverse; don't just focus on one type of post, video, podcast, or infographic. Make sure you mix things up so that you attract people who absorb information differently. Always keep your audience guessing! The variety will appeal to your audience provided the topics are relevant to them.

Also, try and diversify the way you deliver content. Consider using Instagram as a way to visually communicate with your audience if you are a blogger. Post a thread on Twitter about a topic that interests you or that you want to share that you are knowledgeable about. Upload videos to YouTube or IGTV if you're a photographer. By setting a new approach or avenue for delivering or producing content, you're likely to gain a spark and a new boost of energy.

Personalise your approach to your audience 

Make your content more personal by talking about your experience creating content or your career. Mention your biggest accomplishments. Even better, be candid about your failures. Share how you learned from your failures and how they changed the way you viewed things afterward. Try and connect with your audience on a personal level as a means of winning their trust so you can convince them later about trusting you with your services and products. 

Dig into your archives and repurpose

When creating content, you don’t always have to come up with something new every time. Rather than creating whole new content from zero, why not set aside an effort to freshen up what’s already there? Also,  Don’t limit your content to writing articles only, try to repurpose your content. Dig into all the different types of content out there, take a close look at your existing content to see what worked well with your audience. Which of your posts/videos/podcasts have more views. Take it from there and repurpose it into other different content formats. For example, you can share them on your social media accounts, you can make useful videos out of your previous content or, even use them in your emails, podcasts, checklists, etc.

Use Multiple digital media to your advantage

When it comes to creating content, all we can think of is creating articles and making use of graphics. In actuality, there are so many different potential digital media that we can benefit from for effective content marketing. Think outside of the box. Consider writing an ebook, Do a podcast and Memes! How you cannot think of memes when they are literally RULING every single social medium we use.

Invest your resources into finding out which marketing type works best for you. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to defining your content creation strategy. Make your audience laugh while still conveying your message through Memes, Get up close and personal with them with a podcast, give them an insight into your personal life by sharing your personal experiences, and don't be hesitant to have a go at something new.

Pose inquiries

Asking questions for your audience is a way of making them feel relevant. It's your way of telling them how their opinion matters. You have no idea how this simple trick can dramatically increase engagement and sharing on your posts. Have you ever started an article with a question? Ended with one? Give it an attempt; you'll skyrocket your sales!

However, be sure you're ready to handle the answers you'll get. If you create linear content, you'll rarely get a very remarkable response. Posing an inquiry on your content means you are opening up a channel for communication. This will get you such countless suppositions, you will not realize how to manage them all.

Try not to be flippant with your question. Pose a real inquiry that demands a real answer. Do not patronise your audience by asking unnecessary questions.

Welcome guest posts

Use your platform to offer exposure to someone else in your field by accepting guest posts. Guest posts are a great way to increase your website’s engagement and present your brand before different audiences. Not only does it give a fresh change to your website, but it also gives you a break so you can sit back and focus on concocting new ideas. By perfecting your guest post pitches and composing genuinely great content, you can use guest blogging to increase your domain authority, put your brand before a new audience and meet new people, some of whom could translate into faithful customers.

Curate content

Expert roundups are another successful content marketing technique. Like guest blogging, roundups rely on the contemplations of external sources, however, they're less intense and the blogger has greater part control of the piece.   Make a list of your favourite top ten (or twenty) blogs/websites, bloggers, or posts, and formulate your own content around that. Tell your audience what’s there to love about these products, discuss the goods and bad, and talk about what makes them stand out.

Presently distribute a list post that explains why you like them. An increasingly well-known content marketing technique is expert roundups.

Instead of creating something ground-breaking and new, curate something. Do a gather together of your favourite products, artists, designers, or websites, communicate why you personally enjoy them, and shouldn't something be said about them makes them stick out. Search externally and feature other creators or brands to demonstrate how you derive motivation by yelling out and highlighting.

Post Less but Post Smart

In the end, it’s all about your heart. If you learn one thing from this post, I hope it is that you don’t need to go nuts about your content being search-engine friendly, rather it needs to be reader-friendly. Pique your reader's interest by creating content that is equal parts relevant and valuable. Keeping this as a primary concern is key to developing a content methodology that prioritizes quality over amount.


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