Man & Machine: Motor Dealership Digital Marketing Secrets To Success

Back in my school  days, whenever I sat staring at a blank sheet of paper, void of ideas, Mr Bower (English teacher) would suggest that I draw inspiration from previous successful pieces of literature. In essence he was advocating that I "learn from the best". Applying the same principal, ask yourself, what is the best way to optimise your motor dealership digital marketing spend and boost ROI?  Learn from the best!

This post looks back at the key takeaways from a hubspot global annual marketing report, packed with breathtaking facts and observations, its 46 pages inspire all who read with proven marketing strategies that work across all business types.

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Let’s take a look at what the most successful organisations with the greatest ROI are practicing:

1 Top motor dealership marketers stretch their marketing budget further

If your motor dealership marketing investment less than £50k each year, you’re 4X more inclined to practise inbound than outbound. Every business interviewed was 3X more likely to discover a greater ROI with inbound campaigns.

2 The best marketers give little consideration to outbound

57% of participants from organisations that enjoyed greater year on year results reported that paid advertising was the most overrated marketing tactic.

3 Top marketers monitor ROI, demonstrate results and enjoy the returns

Top performing motor dealership digital marketing directors attain additional marketing budgets, by monitoring the returns year on year and consequently proving a positive ROI. Interestingly, participants were 9X more likely to have a reduced budget if they were unsuccessful in proving a positive ROI.

4 Top motor dealership digital marketing directors produce content in-house and outsource

Companies that observed a boost in ROI from year on year are more likely to use a combined strategy with content written in-house and outsourced, compared to their less effective competitors

6 The best marketers analyse analytics often

Participants who accomplished greater ROI were around 20% more likely to monitor their marketing analytics 3+  times per week.

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