5 Marketing Automation Workflow Actions to Boss Your Sales & Services

There's a lot of manual and tedious work that goes into running a business. Also, it takes a long time and leaves the possibility for human error if you rely on individuals to execute many tiresome jobs manually. The good thing is that you can streamline some of that work with marketing automation workflow to create efficiency.

Workflows not only speed up the completion of certain activities, but they also ensure that processes are followed. Marketing automation workflow essentially delivers on-target thoughtful messages to the audience of a business without manually having to manage campaigns every day. This saves marketers precious time and resources.

With that said, let's dive deeper into the five-marketing automation workflow actions that will help to boss up your sales and services.

1.    Lead Rotation

Your marketing automation workflow can help you do a few things at the contact level. For instance, to qualify leads or re-engage existing contacts. Also, you can use this automated workflow to rotate new leads among the sales representatives. That helps smooth the handoffs from the marketing team to the sales team. On top of that, it helps prevents leads from getting lost in the CRM.

2.    Email Reminders

Automated email reminders are the ideal way to keep your customers informed about important dates and upcoming events. You can entice users back to your site for sale by sending a promotional reminder email to prior customers who haven't purchased or scheduled service in a long time.

To set up a reminder email pipeline, you'll need data fields that track appointments, events, or the dates and hours of past service or purchase. Emails are then sent out a set number of days before or after the event.

3.    Deal-Based Workflow

Marketing automation workflows that are deal-based come in handy for the sales team as they help in pipeline management. At the same time, it makes it easier for the managers and reps to know what is in the pipeline at every given moment. If the available information on a deal is out of date, it would also mean that your forecast could be inaccurate.

4.    New Support Requests Notifications

Workflow automation in the management of your tickets can help you provide better customer experiences by ensuring that they are acknowledged and that their requirements are met. Workflows allow you to construct an automated method for better engaging and managing your consumers by using tickets.

After a new ticket is made and when a ticket is resolved, automated communications are sent out. That guarantees that the appropriate person is contacted whenever new tickets are received and that customers are informed when their problem has been resolved.

5.    Notifications When a Quote is Paid

It's critical to be highly responsive and remain on top of things as you come closer to closing a customer. Building a more fluid sales process is easier if you know when quotes need approval or when adjustments are required on a quote.

To help with this, you can create workflows based on quotation expiration dates or approval status. To ensure effective service delivery, you can also construct procedures around the payment status of quotes.

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