5 Common Signs That You Need A New Website

Your website is just a tool in your business - Probably one of the main tools. As important as the products and services you sell and hopefully it's at the heart of your marketing machine. Attracting targeted traffic, engaging that traffic and nurturing it until it becomes a lead and then a customer. And, the final part of the customer journey, its a tool that allows you to delight your customer with your after sales and customer success efforts.

Like all the tools at your disposal, its important your website is as intuitive and easy to use as it can be. It's important to remove friction from your processes and ensure wrestling with your website doesn't get in the way of doing a great job for your customer. 

Here are our top five niggles that mean running your website is holding you back! 

Lack of Access 

It seems inconceivable that today there are marketers that have to wait to make changes to their site. But its still the case that for some teams the 'web designer' has to be brought in to do everything from the small to the large changes everyone needs to make to keep your site running in tip top condition. And if that designer is an external partner or supplier, even the simplest things can be a real pain to get changed. 

Long Lead Times

Related to the above is the wait that involving someone else to make the changes you need to the website. Given how easy it is to update a website today, waiting days or even weeks to make it through your developer's scrum meetings and into their sprints, especially if they are working on bigger fish for you like integrations and business critical systems is painful. And it will cost the marketing team time and money they can't afford to waste. 

Lack of Integration With Other Tools 

A Frankenspot tech stack, that is one built out of different platforms with or without integrations and connections has a  serious impact on the sales and marketing teams. Whether is slow performance based on all the features that have been added to the site, or the friction in your processes linked to extracting data from one place to another to try and manage your clients journey. 

Website Maintenance 

Either paying someone else to update all your plugins or worse, taking the time to update them yourself is a waste. Its such an important task in some CMS's that it clearly has to be done, just read the critical threat alerts that are sent out weemingly weekly by

Security Problems

Cyber security should be a primary concern for all websites, big or small, and unless you are paying someone to look after your site, or once again taking away from your core activities a vulnerability in your site these days can be exploited for months before anyone catches on. Such is the variety of attacks that abound on your website and your infrastructure and customer data you would not believe. 

HubSpot CMS comes with 24/7 threat detection and security monitoring, site performance monitoring and even an SSL for extra security as standard. 

If you rely on your website to sell and market your business, look after your customer and add value to the journey through out the process, HubSpot CMS is a great place to look for your next build or refresh. 

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how it works and fits within the wider HubSpot platform.

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