Fear Not, Marketing Automation Bots Still Need Humans to Create Content

Marketing Automation deals with the mechanism of marketing, but your experience continues to be critical for crafting communications for existing and prospective clients.

Keep the following things in mind when producing content for your marketing campaigns:

Understand Your Audience

Determine their demographic profile, including their location, hobbies and interests, and habits. What are they interested in? Developing a buyer persona really can help you to target your audience in a purposeful way, and present content that genuinely makes a direct impact.

Setting the Tone of Voice

Your communicative style is an essential element of the relationship between your brand builds and its target audience. Dependent on the target demographic, you might choose a corporate tone, or something a little warmer. Once your company has discovered its voice, stick to it, otherwise, your potential clients may find the changes confusing and unappealing.

Be Human

Regardless that marketing automation machines deliver your emails, the content delivered requires the panache of a human writer. Ensure you create communications in such a manner, that the receiver feels it's been designed just for them.

Keep It Fresh

Try not to get caught in a content rut. If your audience sees the same thing, week on week, they are going to grow weary of your brand. Change formats, freshen up your images, be striking and distinctive, and first and foremost, provide your audience with a reason to carry on engaging with your brand.

Stay Relevant

Trends are cyclical, but if you incorporate them at the correct time, it will help get you be seen by potential clients. However be selective, you don't need to spin all trends, only the ones that are relevant to your business.

4 Critical Steps Toward Marketing Automation

Before employing automated marketing processes, it's crucial first to build a workflow. This enables your team to get ready for new techniques and makes sure that automation delivers the ideal results for your organisation. There’re four principal steps to complete:

1 Determine the Appropriate Activities

Identify your teams' most repetitive marketing tasks. That's usually where you'll discover the greatest benefits from automation. Merely automating reply emails, for instance, can significantly reduce the admin load on your team. Plan out all your existing marketing activities and choose those that are both time consuming and appropriate for automation.

2 Establish the Most Suitable Marketing Automation Software

You'll find endless options when you are looking for automation software. Selecting the best one can be challenging, especially when getting started. It is equally worthwhile bearing in mind that there could be software that is especially tailor-made for your industry. Broaden your search to look before you commit long term.

3 Train the Users

Even though marketing automation instantly makes marketing more productive, the introduction of a new platform and methods necessitates an investment in training for appropriate personnel. It's vital for staff to understand how automation slots into their workday, and exactly how their role may be refocused. Highlight the advantages and provide staff an opportunity to extensively test new solutions, whilst recognising any concerns they may have.

4 Assess Automation Performance

Implementing automation isn't the end of the journey. We highly recommend a regular analysis of what's working effectively, what might be improved, and the effect of automation on the main business metrics. This enables you to make relevant modifications at the right time.

Bottom Line

There's a great deal to gain from marketing automation. Increased efficiency, financial savings, superior productivity, more informative analytic data, and improved customer support.

With effective planning, clear objectives, specialised training and optimised content, any business can employ and attain great results of marketing automation.

With the AI sector estimated to be worth £12 billion by 2022, this is a particularly thrilling time to introduce automation to your corporation.

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