How HubSpot is helping during Covid 19

As HubSpot partners, we've just received an email from the founders of HubSpot themselves, detailing how they want to do their little bit for businesses struggling through these difficult times. Of course, get in touch for the full details and other ways we can try to help you, but here in verbatim summary, is what that email said. 

Free Tools

Businesses of all types and sizes are finding themselves in the position of having to move whole portions of their operation online. To help businesses adapt, we’re making our paid Meetings functionality, Quotes, E-Sign, and 1:1 Video creation tools completely free. We'll alert you in your HubSpot portal as soon as they are live — you’ll receive this functionality for 90 days from when you activate it.

Removing Limits

At this time of change, businesses need to keep in regular contact with their customers and stay connected to their communities. Therefore, for the next 90 days, we’re suspending marketing email send limits for Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers, and increasing limits on calling to 2,000 minutes/month for Starter and Professional customers of Sales Hub and Service Hub.

Reducing Prices 

To support small businesses through this uncertain time, we’re reducing the cost of our Starter Growth Suite from $112.50 USD/month to $50 USD/month. For 12 months from purchase of this offer, all existing and new Starter Growth Suite customers will have access to the bundle of marketing, sales, and services software at the reduced price. This change will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Learn more about all these changes here.

It's maybe not tons of help, but its a start. And its also indicative of why we love working with HubSpot. They genuinely feel like they are in this for the right reasons, and the same reasons we are in it too. 

There has never been a better time to think about your strategy and direction. Your goals for the company and how you are going to achieve them. 

Real Inbound offers a service thats perfect if that where you are right now, and we would love to help. 

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