HubSpot vs. Wix Which CMS is Right for your business?

CMS platforms are the best solutions for web designing for a host of reasons, which is exactly why there are scores available. To choose the right one for your business, you need to understand what your needs and wants will be. What features do you want most in a CMS? How do you plan to use it? Ultimately, how much can you afford?

Even though you will not necessarily need to know everything about your CMS platform as you can always ask for advice from programmers if you need to specialise in other areas more closely related to your abilities.

However, they’re a confusing bunch and you will find that different CMS differ from one another, though most can be customised quite readily to suit your specific needs. Content management systems are often available at no cost, but some come with monthly fees or ones that offer paid services on top of the base price.

In terms of expertise, some businesses prefer to stick with CMS solutions developed by experts themselves rather than rely upon third-party developers who have trained as consultants and therefore have valuable insight into what they believe could work best for each business according to specific requirements.

With so many options to choose from, we must understand the basics of each CMS. Wix and HubSpot are two popular choices for content management systems. It’s always best to be aware of specific features and factors like user experience, cost, and support when considering a new system for your business’s needs…


Wix is a cheaper alternative to the likes of HubSpot concerning your eCommerce needs. You can get plans that cater to this niche and give you everything you need to fulfill it. Where Wix falls short goes back to content marketing. While it isn’t marketed as an on-site search optimisation tool, businesses should be able to rank their desired keywords through the use of relevant tags and images. That isn’t possible unless, again, you are resorting to using the Google search console for your SEO strategy, and just so happens a tool such as Moz can do what Wix fails at efficiently without any trouble.

Wix's biggest disadvantage for some people is that there aren't any additional tools to help with analytics or AMP support and you'd have to resort to external solutions, which can end up seeing you having to fork out money for additional business expenses. In particular, marketers and social media experts will want to know how the SEO of their site's content is coming along, so they'd need a third-party app such as Visitor Analytics (optional of course) but this would mean another charge on top of all the others incurred by using Wix, not something that's ideal for many people.


HubSpot’s design is user-friendly, not just for users but also for the companies who place their content there. The primary goal of HubSpot is to connect businesses of all kinds across the globe with viable customers and so as a result it makes sense that they’re interested in making sure their website platform is highly accessible to companies with both small businesses and large corporations.

The HubSpot platform has integrated marketing, sales, and service tools, which means you don't have to go hunting for tools to fill this hole. Integrating content promotion through a marketing automation platform can allow you to focus on creating content more efficiently because your team will use the tools - something that isn't always present when working from different independent platforms.

Hubspot is a micro-marketing powerhouse; mixing in emails, social media, and all the other digital channels with Website and content management tools, they have been able to provide marketers with the very best in their field. With one cost-effective subscription, you can use Hubspot to create your website, manage the content and even market it brilliantly - plus dozens of other tools that allow your business to grow organically over time.

Take Away

Ultimately, the HubSpot marketing platform is a Content Management System that provides extremely professional services to aid your business in learning how to act quickly and efficiently over time, which means larger growth opportunities for businesses. Your company will be provided with a toolset made up of integrated functions as well as a committed host of support staff who can ensure that every aspect of your website and all affiliated parts functions optimally at all times.


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