HubSpot's 2021 Pricing Explained (UK version)

Hello, HubSpot fans!

One of the things we get asked about a lot, is how much does HubSpot cost? If you want to use the tool, you want to know how much it's going to cost you, right?

The second thing that then happens is that people realise the pricing is a bit confusing. So this is a very quick video, just to explain how HubSpot pricing works. That is it's pricing for its software. When you find a HubSpot pricing page you'll see that there are a couple of ways that the pricing is organised.

Let's Demystify

The first is organised by products and plans. The next is organised by bundles. As you'd expect the bundles tab basically puts products together and allows you to buy them all in one go, which is pretty cool, and brings a discount into play too.

The next level down, you can see they're actually free tools. Then marketing tools, sales tools, customer service tools. CMS tools and operations or ops tools.

Much is Free

HubSpot as a CRM is free and you can see the free CRM tools in the video. They are the basis of what HubSpot is all about. Think of them as your introduction to HubSpot.

There are also some free marketing tools, some free sales tools, service tools and ops tools that allow you to have a little bit more functionality from HubSpot. But if you're starting to get serious about HubSpot, then you're going to start to move into one of the paid for products or services.

The Three Levels

Each product's pricing is actually split into three levels. You have a starter level, a professional level, and then an enterprise level. The thing you'll notice about the free tools when you first go into them is that there are limits to those tools. And there's some reduced functionality too. The paid-for plans obviously start to open up the world of HubSpot.

In the starter plan you get in things like getting the HubSpot branding removed. And you get an increase in the limits on your tools. So basically it's a more, flexible approach to HubSpot at a very, very low cost point.

The professional level is, people often remark, quite a jump from a few tens of pounds to hundreds of pounds. And again, there's another big jump between the professional level and the enterprise level. Clearly, you'd expect there must be a lot of additional functionalities in professional and then in enterprise to justify why those levels jump so much.

It's really important that you either talk to HubSpot or talk to us, an accredited HubSpot partner to explain what those differences are to make sure you're going to buy the right subscription for your business. We've dealt with all scenarios where people have bought starter didn't need it and actually would have been fine with the free version. Or people have bought Enterprise, don't need it and could have got away with a Starter level.

A Professional level subscription is probably the average introduction to HubSpot and probably the most flexible and powerful of the HubSpot levels. I don't go through the individual tools in the video but the big difference in Professional level HubSpot is that this is where HubSpot's automation comes in to play. This is where you get the platform to actually do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

There are Marketing Automations, Event driven automations, and even sales related workflows. Things like categorising, clients, segmenting them and so on and so on. Enterprise kind of does that then at a bigger level.

What's the Limits?

Limits wise, there's 2000 marketing contacts at Marketing Pro level. But 10,000 at Enterprise. So enterprise is like pro. Plus plus plus. Enterprise also comes with a number of extra seats when it comes to the sales side of things. And it comes with some super duper functionality, but stuff that medium to big businesses would find more useful.

There is loads more information in the video for you, and just as a final word. If you find in that this is a bit of a, overwhelming amount of information. Then by all means, look to be guided by a HubSpot specialists like ourselves as to what you actually need.

The first thing we'll do is look at your processes. And look at whether you need automation. Look at whether you need sales or marketing or customer service help first and foremost, and direct you in the most appropriate way. That helps you avoid that expensive mistake of buying too high a level before you need it.

Happy To Help! No Strings...

I hope all that makes sense. And as ever just leave us a comment on the blog or if you'd prefer, book a time slot into my diary and I'll happily discuss all aspects of HubSpot pricing with you. 


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