Inbound Marketing Strategy Plucks Outbound Like A Dodo

The outdated outbound marketing process, also known as interruption marketing, requires broadcasting your marketing communication to as many people as possible by using advertising, cold calling, direct mail, bulk spammy email broadcasts and various other belligerent methods that interrupt potential customers during their busy day-to-day lives.

Which is in stark contrast to the inbound marketing strategy that has quickly become the unparalleled strategy for growing new targeted leads, building brand awareness, and increasing sales over the last decade.

Inbound Marketing v Outbound Marketing

  • 54% more leads generated
  • 62% less per lead
  • 3x more visitors per month within one year
  • 5.9x more leads per month within one year
  • 2x Conversion rates

Outbound or interruption marketing is a methodology that calls for many marketing communications to be pushed out via several channels with the hope that the correct message gets to the correct person. Outbound truly is a costly marketing process and a declining strategy.

So, how do you ensure a higher ROI, more cost-effective marketing and accelerated exponential business growth?

Let’s take a look at four principal factors why the inbound marketing process is becoming the preferred investment for businesses that want an effective marketing methodology to attract more visitors, convert more leads and supercharge customer acquisition.

1 Cost & ROI

Outbound marketing techniques are expensive. The average cost per lead is 62% less when utilising inbound marketing methods. The related costs of outbound usually include printing & mailing or television/radio advertising, which also can be beyond the budget for many businesses.

inbound marketing strategy is significantly less costly. In simple terms, you develop your website and blog, then publishing content focused on your target audience and principal market. It has been proven over the past decade that businesses that prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to experience positive ROI.

Employing an effective content marketing strategy will entice potential clients to your website. Additionally, Social media is a comparatively more affordable means to engage with your target audience, in distinct contrast to old-fashioned advertising and print. Social media provides 100% greater lead-to-close ratio compared to outbound marketing, percentage of businesses that obtained customers from Facebook are B2C 77% and B2B 43%

2 Two-way interaction

One significant benefit of inbound marketing is it provides an innate two-way customer centric method of communicating your content and message. Your customers enter a dialog and interact with your brand, as they publish comments on your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and comment on your blog articles. By contributing, your audience become greatly engaged with your business. Today’s society want to control how, when and what information they consume which makes them more receptive to your communications.

3 Your audience tunes-in to your message

Outbound marketing involves shouting your communications at people regardless of whether they want to see or hear it. Consequently, its methods are usually invasive and irritating. Consumers have started tuning out, with spam filters and recording TV to skip adverts etc.

While the inbound marketing strategy simply places the right content in front of your ideal audience in their preferred format and where & when they want to receive it. Employing the correct content marketing strategy, will compel your audience to want to see what you are offering. B2B marketers that blog regularly experience 67% more leads per month than marketers who don’t blog.

4 If Heineken did marketing…

Inbound marketing strategy is probably the most laid-back marketing process in the world. Outbound marketing using bulk emails, direct mail, and cold calling etc, requires a definite level of aggression and selling ability. Inbound marketing, on the other hand offers beneficial content like eBooks, how-to guides, infographics, and blog articles that attract your perfect client. It’s so far removed from selling in the conventional way, that it’s considerably more congenial to marketers who despise assertive salespeople and become uncomfortable pushing their information.


Evidently, businesses marketing results can escalate dramatically by embracing an inbound marketing strategy.

Just think of inbound marketing as…

  • the magnet that attracts more ideal customers
  • the storyteller that entices more people to engage with your brand
  • the trusted authority that hand holds info hunters until they become satisfied customers

4 Inbound Pillars For Success

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