So Just what does an Inbound Marketing Agency Do?

The question we get asked a lot is "what does an Inbound Marketing Agency Do?". Do you only undertake internet based marketing? Do you simply develop websites? Do we have to have HubSpot to engage you? How will we know our investment is making an impact? All very legitimate questions...

I guess the most effective way to help answer some of those questions is to chat about our speciality here at Real Inbound. The three main things we concentrate on is marketing focussed website design and development, HubSpot implementation, and Inbound Sales & Marketing services.

As an inbound marketing agency our principal mandate is to help customers develop a business strategy that will increase website visitors, attract more prospects, generate more leads, and fundamentally sell more.

However, we do not close your sales. No inbound marketing agency will jump on the phone and close your deals. But we can produce targeted marketing and sales qualified leads that will help your sales staff close more sales.

If you're assuming sales will increase simply by engaging an inbound agency, you might need to rethink your approach. What you can count on, is an effective and compelling lead generation strategy that consists of the characteristic elements of inbound marketing, such as content creation, website optimisation, social media, and potentially paid media.

So, what do we do...??

Website Design

As an inbound agency, we developed from a combination of technology and business management heritage. We notice that most of the prospects who come to us are serious about redesigning or improving their website to transform from a traditional brochure style site into a marketing behemoth, that works hard 24/7.

In advance of diving into the technical info with our new clients, we always begin with the business objectives propelling the requirement for a website redesign or new site. We would rather ensure that we're not building some dazzling new website that our clients will become irritated with within a few months because it's not generating leads or increasing visits and sales, consequently not contributing to their business.

We consistently align organisational imperatives with technology.

To guarantee you have complete control and maintain flexibility in the website development we adopt a methodology known as Growth Driven Design (GDD). This an agile development of a website in deliberate increments. Making continual, modifications based on real data, rather than slogging away for months to make every aspect of your site optimal before letting it sit unchanged for years.

Alternatively, you minimise risk by concentrating on a data and audience needs inspired site launch or re-design, together with a road map to make incremental changes founded on your continuous analysis of visitors’ requirements.

Hubspot Integration

When we are crystal clear about the business necessities, we turn to the technology and processes. Since we are a HubSpot partner and, even more important, we employ and have confidence in it, we ascertain how HubSpot can help in supporting your company goals.

During the HubSpot discussion we'll review your procedures to determine what you will need relating to integration. It's possible you have a current enterprise website solution or perhaps a tailored website. We'll aim to identify the integration touch points.

Then there's commonly the issue of leads. When they are recorded in HubSpot, what takes place? Some businesses we consult with have a CRM. They are looking for the leads from HubSpot to integrate with other systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, hence it's important that we understand how this is set up. Is the CRM hosted? Who looks after it etc.?

Guide to migrating Salesforce to Hubspot

As an inbound marketing agency, we're committed to ensuring all data is captured by a CRM. The complete process of a site build and integration might take between 3 to 6 months dependent on the scope and technical demands and inevitably the business drivers.

Inbound Marketing Services

Once we've concluded your website build and CRM integration, it's time to turn up the heat for your inbound marketing efforts. For an inbound marketing website, that heat will come in the shape of content like; blog articles, white papers, eBooks, video, infographics and more, whatever educates and adds value for your site visitors.

We feed your new inbound marketing engine with great content aligned to your buyer personas, created to propel visitors, and leads along the sales funnel to a purchasing decision. This is where we delivery on the Inbound strategy, with development and execution of content. Producing eBooks and email campaigns, constructing and testing conversion paths. Occasionally we work closely with internal marketing teams. In other cases, we are engaged as the marketing department.

It's essential to work with an agency with a culture and a perspective that fits yours. We are proud to work with numerous clients across a variety of sectors including, SaaS, Automotive, Finance, Technology, and Manufacturing to name a few.

4 Inbound Pillars For SuccessIf you're looking for a transparent, straight up inbound marketing agency, give us a call to arrange a video call or a cup of coffee and together we’ll see if we can forge a powerful solution to your business growth needs .

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