Agency B2B Content Marketing Snowballs

PR and Ad Agencies are beginning to understand the impact that their agency B2B content marketing has on boosting lead generation. 71% of B2B marketing experts employ content marketing to drive more leads, producing premium content to present thought leadership and engage more targeted prospects. Additionally,  content focussed marketing yields 300% more leads than traditional marketing and costs 62% less - Hubspot

Effective inbound marketing is not only about the amount of content it's possible to create, it involves the right variations of content that will increase relevant traffic to ultimately convert more leads. More notably, you'll want to understand exactly how your target market will engage with your brands content.

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Agency B2B Content Marketing Tips For Better Results

Produce educationally solutions to prospective audience problems

Let's face it, the majority of your potential leads are really searching for answers to a particular desire or problem. Therefore presenting educational content that tackles issues, instead of reviewing the advantages of your brands services, is far more invaluable to your prospect.

There are many types of content, including; eBooks, video, case studies, lists, white-papers, infographics and blog articles etc. A survey by TechValidate in relation to the most effective B2B lead generation content strategies pointed to social proof and testimonials as the winning formulas. Although these forms of customer focussed content demand increased time and effort, they inspire confidence and belief in your business, resulting in greater trust and therefore, greater lead conversion.

Audience tailored content

The more buyer personas focussed your content is, the more pertinent it will be for your prospective leads. Your objective is to illustrate that you posses competence, expertise and to demonstrate to your prospects how to conquer their problems.

Consistent and frequent content publishing

Ensure that you are purposefully maximising your blogging to disseminate your precious educational, informative content, in addition to producing web page, landing pages and case studies etc. Employing your blog at the core of content distribution, in conjunction with social media and email, will emerge as an invaluable platform for your prospects and customers to interact with your brand, becoming the really difference in B2B lead generation efforts. Marketers that focus on blogging are 13 times more inclined to result in positive ROI Hubspot

Visual impact will supercharge your agency's contents appeal

The emergence of more creative aesthetic agency B2B content marketing is compelling content marketers to concentrate additional on combining visual components. The more imaginative and artistic content can engage your visitors visually. People remember 80% of what they see and do, compared with just 20% of what they read Hubspot.  Combining graphic content in your marketing mix can optimize your campaign’s impact, driving more website traffic, generating more leads and resulting in greater sales conversions.

Review and evaluate all results

Needless to say, there's definitely a great deal more to B2B content marketing than your lead generation analytics. To implement an effective campaign, you need to monitor a wide array of metrics, such as social sharing, views, leads and subsequently sales conversions.

Take Away

It’s simple to launch a blog. The difficult element is luring a devoted audience who will place their trust in you and develop into your customers. To slice through the distractions of social media, blogs and generating more leads, you must concentrate more on your prospect's (buyer persona) needs.

When correctly and continuously executed, relevant, audience specific content will naturally help you establish more targeted leads. So keep producing high quality content and you will soon accelerate your website traffic and attract more qualified leads.

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