The Benefits Of HubSpot CMS For Growing Businesses

As a scaling business you need a CMS that's scalable, intuitive and, above all else, effective. That's the reason we use HubSpot CMS. To put it simply, HubSpot’s CMS has features that marketers love. So let's take a look at some of the benefits of HubSpot CMS for a growing businesses

Personalised Content

This is definitely one of the unique and most powerful marketing based benefits of HubSpot CMS. You are able to customise the user experience and content viewed by each prospect or customer, tailored to their interests. The more you personalise your email and site content, by talking about their exclusive challenges instead of hitting a wider target audience, the more web visitors will be inclined to engage with your content.

A/B Testing

HubSpot's A/B testing gives you the ability to test two variations of a web page and evaluate their performance over time to decide on the best one. HubSpot’s Enterprise level adaptative test functionality permits you to test as many as five variants and can automatically select the best performer.

Google integrated SEO Recommendations

HubSpot CMS integrates with Google Search Console to instantaneously discover keywords you're ranking for and establish opportunities for further optimisation. The platform makes recommendations for SEO refinement for your pages and blog content, based on priority, relevance and popularity.

Out of the box themes

A library of themes is accessible to all, enabling you to easily modify key elements of a website in one place. It assures consistency across your whole site, such as header styles, fonts, colours and CTA designs, etc. Furthermore, when other team members produce content, they don't go off brand guidelines because the theme is in place.

Loaded with countless breathtaking website theme choices, the HubSpot Marketplace, empowers you to browse through the gallery or search for assorted categories. You can also purchase modules such as, calendars, testimonials, video players and many others to include in your web page template.

Built-in Drag and Drop Editor

The beauty of HubSpot CMS is it was created with the whole marketing team in mind not just the developers. It provides more control to edit pages and publish new content to the entire team without developer support. The drag and drop function incorporates sections of content known as modules, that can be organised in sections, rows and columns.

Effective offline development

Another of the key benefits of HubSpot CMS is its content staging solution, that allows you to develop a single page or even a complete website in a protected environment prior to publishing. Content staging helps stakeholder experience how it will operate, not only how it will look. You can share the development version of the page/site with others for approval and to maintain quality assurance.

24/7 Support
  • Telephone: HubSpot CMS is packaged with 24/7 telephone support from experts who understand the system inside out
  • Chat: Fast and efficient chat feature to help you troubleshoot any problems.
  • Email: Ticketed email support for more complex issues that may require above and beyond a phone call.
  • Academy: The jewel in the support crown, is the HubSpot Academy and Knowledgebase. Here you can accesses on-demand training resources for virtually every attribute of the platform. Perfect for training new staff.
Inbuilt Security

It's astonishing just how many websites continue to be created without the correct security measures in place. It not simply seems logical from a security perspective; but Google may disregard your website in their rankings without SSL. All HubSpot sites are automatically SSL enabled.

Dynamic Content

Rather than updating content in several locations, HubDB can be used to develop dynamic pages dependent on a table that automatically updates the content when you modify the table. Perfect for content that has a repeatable format, like service/product pages.

Website Migration

The HubSpot migration service includes moving your content and design onto the HubSpot platform utilising a standard set of templates that closely complements your existing website. There's a few limitations, for instance blog comments, social sharing widgets and a few other features. Your Hubspot partner can help you navigate this process

So there it is our overview of the benefits of HubSpot CMS. But these HubSpot CMS features and benefits only scratch the surface and you will discover countless other reasons to choose HubSpot over other CMS systems.


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