The benefits of HubSpot CMS for your business

Companies like yours can benefit from the HubSpot CMS. HubSpot might seem an unlikely CMS partner. We all know HubSpot is a leader in the CRM and Sales and Marketing Technology world, but it's only recently that its hugely revamped and repointed CMS product has come back into the limelight. CMS stands for content management system, and it's at the heart of your website and sales and marketing technology. 

Your CMS must be powerful, secure, and easy to use. And today, for business that are scaling quickly, the SaaS type CMS from HubSpot comes as a perfect package with one cost covering everything, SSL, Hosting, Security, Monitoring and so on. 

And if you are a certain type of business, or a certain type of employee, it might make a ton of sense to check it out too. 

The HubSpot user

The first and most obvious use case for HubSpot CMS is someone that is already committed to the HubSpot tech stack for there data and sales and marketing tool set. Building your website using the HubSpot CMS is arguably a no brainer in terms of having 'out of the box' useability and seamless integration. 

These days HubSpot is carving out a name for itself as a hugely powerful yet easy to use platform. They are banking on a frictionless approach to encourage user adoption, and seeing how easy it is to build and set up marketing funnels, customer service surveys and a whole lot more, when everything is in the same 'place' demonstrates that vision come to life. 

The Marketer

Speaking of which, the HubSpot CMS has pretty much been reimagined for the marketer who needs the ability to make fast and accurate changes to the website and website campaigns, without being beholden to anyone else in the organisation, like Dev or IT for instance. The CMS comes with a fantastic WYSIWYG editor meaning drag and drop functionality, while retaining the deep level of integration. 

Funnels, forms, landing pages, thank you pages and so on, are a few clicks away. An increasingly impressive set of templates is available off the shelf, and all are tested and work at the high level a company like HubSpot would expect. 

The marketer also gets access to features like adaptive testing, multitouch attribution and even SEO research capabilities. This is a powerful, easy to use platform, that is built right in there on top of your CRM system. 

The IT person 

Your IT people will certainly be happy with the implementation of HubSpot CMS, especially if it's used in conjunction with the rest of the HubSpot ecosystem. An SSL certificate as standard, 24/7 security monitoring and threat detection, activity logging and partitioning, site performance monitoring and reverse proxy support are all items high up on IT's wish list that come with the package. 

HubSpot even offer a migration service if you wish your website to remain 'as is' and just want the enhanced flexibility and functionality of the HubSpot CMS. A big help for small and over demanded teams. 

The Developer

Your development team will pick up HubSpot easily. And there is a pretty good developer community available if you know where to look! 

Your team will enjoy access to features like local website development to manage versions, developer docs that are exhaustive and easily accessible, serverless functions that save on using an external server, Dynamic content through Hub DB, code alters and the previously mentioned themes. 

Once again the watch words are power, flexibility and ease of use. 

The Clever Buyer

HubSpot CMS starts at £245 per month for a professional level license and and comes with much that you will see when buying the Pro level marketing license, but for around £400 a month less! Add in the HubSpot Growth Suite Starter for £42 per month and you get a fully functioned platform that stands ready to build your website, optimise it and make it a conversion machine!

It's not as fully function as a full automation package, but there are plenty of things to get your teeth into as you can see from this full list of HubSpot CMS features, whether you are a salesperson, customer experience or marketer. All the while keeping your developers and IT team happy too.  

If you are interested in finding out if HubSpot is right for you, get in touch! 

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