The New HubSpot Lead Flow (Video Walkthrough)


What is the new HubSpot lead flow view?

Discover a game-changing feature that will revolutionize your lead generation strategy. Take the mess and fuss out of your pipelines, and do the prospecting work in the new Prospecting Space with a dedicated new Lead Flow!

How does the new lead flow view work?

Assuming you have opted into the 'Prospecting' Beta - which will shortly roll out to everyone on Sales Pro and above, you'll see the Prospecting view under the Sales heading on your normal HubSpot menu

Click to visit the section and you'll see the new Prospecting Space, complete with the new section on Leads. You'll see your task manager updates and even your schedule, and just there at the bottom of the second screenshot you can see your new leads too 

View of the bottom of the screen with Leads 

This makes a huge difference to the prospecting and sales process in your CRM. Previously you would need to include the prospecting activities in a typical deal pipeline which messes up your analysis and forecasting. 

Its really hard to say whether someone that's just entered your process is going to come to anything, and they should ideally be kept out until they are properly qualified. 

Now, with the new Lead Flow, we can work with the contacts or companies in this Prospecting section without messing up our pipelines! Work the lead until it's qualified and THEN add to a pipeline. 

Here is a Video where I step you through the whole process 


If you would like to find out more about the prospecting space, or the lead flow stages, just let us know and we'll set up a call to go through it with you. 

It will change the way you use your CRM for the better, improving the process, analysis and ease of use of your sales pipelines while it's at it!

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