Understanding HubSpot Data Migration

You value your data. As serious as you are about your data, you need a partner who is as well.  When you decide to move to HubSpot, you must find the right migration specialist to handle this type of work. You don't want any downtime during the transition, and it needs to be cost-effective! The data could be from spreadsheets that your sales team uses to track contacts and deals across multiple systems with bidirectional synchronisation.

You wouldn’t think it, but we also value our data as much as you do. So, when you go live with HubSpot, make sure you have a company that shares the same passion and transformational mindset in taking your business to new heights. At Real Inbound, we pride ourselves on the level of expertise we bring to the table in migrating complex data sets over to HubSpot. We can help ease your burden and boost your productivity levels by getting all this work done so you don't have to worry about it! We can move huge amounts of data into a single spot - including data that may be recurring in nature such as over reports or templates across multiple systems to keep everything streamlined for when you want fast access to key pieces of information.

Companies often find themselves with more data than they know what to do with, so our team provides them with the help they need to either make sense of it all or organise it in a way that makes their lives easier. 

Standard Vs Non-Standard Data

 Decide what types of data you want to migrate to HubSpot

When using HubSpot there is a unique opportunity to leverage some add-ons that can make it easier to migrate from one system or platform to another. It's generally a good idea to get help from a professional when changing platforms though, as the data from an organisation can sometimes need to be completely cleaned or even transformed into something different however for example one might be switching from WordPress blog management platform to HubSpot. The best-case scenario is having someone on your team who has already used the service in question and knows how images, email addresses, URLs, etc… will fit into their new environment (platform).

Standard data migration

HubSpot's intuitive import functionality ensures the speed, accuracy, and quality of our standard data without the hard work. We're able to structure our standard data in a way that requires minimal customisation, which we can accomplish by using HubSpot's flexible fields functionality to avoid using third-party software or HubSpot API calls.

Our team will conduct a light scoping exercise before creating custom properties and migrating properties.

Standard data migration includes:

  • Data migration from a single source
  • Integrating your data with HubSpot fields
  • Customising standard objects with custom fields

Standard data migration does not include:

  • Getting your data ready for import
  • Data transformation before import
  • Third-party software and API-required data
  • Emails, notes, calls, meetings, and other activity data

Non-standard data migration

Migrating non-standard data is tricky. It typically requires third-party software, custom software to be written, or the use of an API to import the data into HubSpot.

​It's not enough to just "run your existing configuration against the test server and that's it." ​There are many different ways of preparing data for migration. For large, complex, or multi-source data migrations. We'll thoroughly assess your needs in-depth before mapping out the best route for your data migration project. Our goal is to help you get up and running as quickly as possible, so regardless of whether you need to migrate objects from Salesforce or another source our team of experts can help! In addition - if there are some custom objects you need to migrate, let us know upfront about them - and we will discuss how best to approach their data migration.

When migrating non-standard data, we follow the following steps:

  • Data architecture documentation and planning
  • Multi-source data migration
  • Custom objects migration
  • Pre-stage, clean and transform data before migration
  • Depending on your legacy software, you can log email, notes, calls, or meetings.
  • Item categories and products

Data Migration Strategy

Your data is your most important asset. Our approach to handling data migration in the industry's standard framework ensures that you'll be making the right decision by trusting us to handle your data's lifecycle and ensure that your migration procedure adheres to best practices and will result in a secure and compliant process.

1.    Examine it closely.

Our team will go over the data you have and conduct a high-level inspection. We'll gain an understanding of what your security and compliance requirements are and make recommendations based on those factors. From here, we'll give you estimates for these options.

2.    Set it up. 

Once your database has been migrated and you've gone live with HubSpot, it's worth thinking about ways you can ramp up efficiency, confidence, and expertise around using HubSpot.

3.    Execute it 

As soon as the planning phase is complete, the team will begin working on the migration project. Utilising HubSpot's API or their party tools might be used to assist with the migration.

Make Sure You're on The Right Path

When migrating data from your old system to HubSpot it’s important to do so the right way. Migration is an involved process that can cause a lot of heartaches if you approach it in the wrong way and for this reason, you need to be careful at each step along the way, especially if you’re not sure how exactly HubSpot works and what it takes to use it properly.

That’s why we recommend using our Migration service as part of your Customer Success package. This will help guide you through your migration with us by systematically taking care of tasks at hand, making adjustments when necessary, applying due diligence where needed, etc. In other words, it helps mitigate risky migration mistakes that could potentially derail both projects down the road and makes sure they run smoothly with fewer pitfalls too.

Transform legacy systems into modern ones

Our team has a wide range of knowledge and experience dealing with migrations. They'll work with you to understand your business requirements for whichever data you'd like to move and help you decide on the best approach possible for making that happen.

Get your data centralised

You can integrate HubSpot with other systems by centralising your data and synchronising it in the right direction.

Take a data-driven approach

Effective data migration will put your mind at ease. Making data-driven decisions is a key factor in your company's success since it can give you the confidence that you're walking down the right path.

Interested In Migrating Your Data?

Let us take away the pain of the migration so you can get back to other more enjoyable aspects of running your business. We're a specialised team that's interested in helping you create great customer experiences. We'd love to discuss the way your business currently handles data transfers and how we could help make the process smoother and simpler, whether it's through our bulk data transfer services or by providing options for regular file transfers that don't require long-term contracts.

Transformation Plan Overview

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