Website Audit Demystified

When did you last give your website a check-up? If you have never audited your site, it's been a long time, or you're considering a website redesign in the foreseeable future, hopefully we can give you some great pointers as a website audit checklist to ensure that your website is prepared for optimum SEO and conversion success.

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Let's look at what a complete website audit is, why it's necessary, and how to use the insights to enhance your website SEO and lead conversions.

What Is a Website Audit?

A website audit is an assessment of web page performance prior to running a SEO campaign or a website redesign. Auditing your website can ascertain whether it's optimised to accomplish your traffic targets, and if it isn't, the best way to improve it to enhance performance.

Before we get into the issues you'll want to look out for as you're auditing your website, let's first assess several of the advantages of undertaking one. Below are a few of the leading advantages from a marketing viewpoint:

The Advantages of a Website Audit

1 Website Performance Optimisation

Website audits normally analyse a website for its technical performance not just the content.

Consequently, an audit can provide an opportunity to scrutinize the robustness of your website's technical infrastructure, evaluate how "search engine friendly" your website is, and decide how straight forward it is for visitors to navigate and instinctively discover content on your website.

2 Search Engine Optimisation

By completing a website audit, it is possible to determine any overlooked SEO opportunities and remedy any SEO pitfalls across the content of your site.

It'll likewise enable you to refocus your SEO initiatives on visitors first and search engines second. This will shield you from continually pursuing modifications to search algorithms, which means you won't be implementing ill-informed practices simply to be displayed at the top of the search engine results.

3 Conversion Rate Optimisation

Website audits moreover allow you to re-examine the effectiveness of your website regarding lead generation and conversion. This means that, you can easily identify any formerly neglected opportunities to convert site visitors into leads, in addition to establishing inefficiencies in your landing pages to improve conversions.

4 Competitor Analysis

Carrying out a website audit enables you to compare your website to your competition's. You can explore precisely how well you're ranking for keywords versus rivals and decide on promising new options for revenue.

5 Discover Issues

When you conduct a website audit, you can easily uncover obstacles that are damaging your SEO and conversions. Maybe it's broken links, concealed content, slow load speed, or something else. Pinpointing these aspects will help you restore problems that are diverting traffic.

Essentially, evaluating both the content and technical elements of your business website will unlock opportunities to significantly improve the traffic and conversions your website yields.

Now you understand what a website audit is and why you need to complete one, we'll take a look at how to actually run one on next week - stay tuned 

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