What's Under the Bonnet - HubSpot CRM Overview

If you’re interested in a new CRM, you've probably come across the HubSpot CRM as a strongly recommended choice. Nevertheless, if you are still wondering if it's right for your business, you're not the only one.

As Hubspot partners we obviously champion HubSpot. However, we genuinely understand it may not be the right CRM for every organisation.

So, let's kick this off...

Top Hubspot CRM Features You will Love

HubSpot's CRM delivers everything important to help support your business maintain effective relations with your clients, regardless of your job role. It doesn't matter if you're in a sales rep, marketer, customer service operator, business operations, or senior management, the HubSpot CRM enables you to smash you job out of the park.

Magic for The Marketers

  • Live Chatbot to engage directly with site visitors in real-time
  • Integrated Ad management
  • Build easy lead conversion paths with forms and landing pages
  • Automated targeted email marketing and monitoring
  • Critical instant email analytics, such as open rates and click-through rates
  • Email templates created for each step of your buyer's journey

Sizzle for The Sales Teams

  • Tailor-made deals dashboard to review your whole sales pipeline
  • Email monitoring, meeting management, live chat, and prospect tracking
  • Gmail & outlook integrations so that you can effortlessly email and correspond with leads
  • Business insights, and pipeline administration features to help you manage all your leads
  • Automated recording and updating of client deals and sales tasks
  • Notifications delivered instantly as a lead opens an email, clicks on a link, or downloads something
  • Up to 1 million contact and company records
  • The capability to record sales calls, send emails, schedule sales tasks, and designate tasks within the HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot Calendar function

 Cream for Customer Service Ops

  • Live chat for instant customer support
  • Team email and chat inbox to keep all interactions organised
  • Ticketing to help manage and react to customers fast
  • Email templates to increase the effectiveness of your team
  • Detailed tickets closed reporting to determine opportunities for improvement
  • Time-to-close reports to help improve response times for your team

A little OMG for Operations Managers

  • 3rd party integration features to effortlessly connect legacy software
  • Over 200 available integrations to link up your technology free of charge
  • Report dashboard to keep track of deals from your sales team
  • Business insights and integrated reporting to glimpse the metrics you are concerned about

Hubspot CRM Installation and Support

Whilst the software is extremely intuitive and user friendly, the HubSpot CRM installation and set-up process may still appear a little overwhelming given the package of features. If you find yourself in need of assistance you have a few options; contact HubSpot direct, speak with your Hubspot Partner agency or ask the global HubSpot community.

If you want support or training from professionals accustomed with Hubspot, this is where Real Inbound can help. As one of Wales' top Hubspot partners, holding many accreditations team-wide, we have the HubSpot experience you need. We can offer you the support and technological set-up necessary to enable you to get migrated, launched, and established with HubSpot in no time at all.

Is Hubspot CRM The Right Fit?

When considering the best CRM for your organisation, there are certain considerations. Solutions are not a "one size fits all". Some systems are more effective for small businesses, and others are more suitable for B2B enterprises that must manage deals, so it's important to understand your firm’s requirements before diving too deep in your CRM research.

We especially endorse the HubSpot CRM for B2B ventures seeking to integrate marketing and sales, eCommerce stores trying to find improved management of contacts and as of this month, as you grow with Hubspot they have you covered right to Enterprise Level

Many experts recommend Hubspot as the perfect option for businesses hoping to transition into operating a CRM with simplicity and very little changes to their current workflows.

Furthermore, the HubSpot CRM is a premier Google partner.

Hubspot CRM Versus Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a monster in the sales world, and their CRM system is a considerable competitor to HubSpot. But they certainly have differences.

With regards to pricing, HubSpot’s CRM is free, while you need to pay for Salesforce CRM. Salesforce has four pricing solutions from around £230 a year to £2800 a year. So, when it comes to pricing, it’s evident that HubSpot is a winner.

Even though Salesforce’s CRM is a paid solution, many of its features have shown to be beneficial. HubSpot’s CRM includes a numerous free marketing, sales, and services tools to get you started, but occasionally these tools are restricted.

Salesforce provides robust marketing and sales properties such as complete social media marketing, marketing automation and tailor-made lead flows. You can also attain these features and more with HubSpot, but you'll the need to upgrade to the paid solutions.

Small businesses achieve greater success with Free HubSpot’s CRM, whilst mid-market level businesses use Salesforce CRM…

Or do they? Check out how Hubspot is stirring things up…

Hubspot's Superier CRM Disrupts the market

Keep in mind though, you don't need to select one or the other. HubSpot has a Salesforce Integration which enables you to have the best of both worlds. The integration will enable you to get deeper lead intelligence, sales reporting, and marketing & sales alignment.


For anyone who is interested in an intuitive, proven CRM system with effortless integration and provides the essential functions you require at an affordable price, the HubSpot CRM is an exceptional choice.

HubSpot CRM Disrupts Market If you're still uncertain whether HubSpot CRM or other HubSpot systems are appropriate for your business, we're here to help.

Why not book a free session with us to consider your existing online strategy, determine your primary marketing gaps, and identify the ideal solution for you.

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