Free Service Hub Tools from HubSpot

One of a series of articles about the amazing free tools you can get from HubSpot, including the free CRM, Sales Hub and Marketing Hub tools.

We are passionate about using technology to help small and medium size business. And one of the areas that HubSpot excels in is in terms of providing employees and management with customer services tools.

These tools are all free with the HubSpot CRM and will provide you with an insight into the most modern customer service techniques available and lead you to offer your clients much improved levels of service.

A List of the Free Service Hub Tools From HubSpot

All the features of the HubSpot CRM - Everything that also comes with the CRM, sales and marketing tools are included.

Ticketing - allows your teams to record 'cases' in one place to ensure that the right people are brought into the service solution and tasks can be tracked and closed when the job has been done.

Live Chat - Answer client queries and resolve disputes before they escalate with Live Chat on your website. A must have for the modern forward looking business.

Conversations Inbox - A single inbox where all client queries, messages, live chats and tickets are stored all the one place to prevent anything from getting dropped and also the fastest resolution for problems possible.

Team Email - One email to rule them all! Include all the people from the team that need to know about stuff, or include everyone in the business if you're a small team to make sure customer enquiries get picked up and handled as soon as is physically possible.

Canned Snippets - If you find yourself writing the same answers to the same questions over and over, you'll love canned snippets. A simple way to drop previously saved text into email to save you time and frustration.

Email templates - Quickly created professional looking striking email communication from one of the many pre-saved into your HubSpot service hub.

Meeting Scheduling - Save all the back and forth on email or missed calls from client s trying to set up meetings by sending them a link to your calendar directly. They can book meetings at your and their own convenience themselves.

Tickets Closed Reports - If it's not measured, its not managed. Make sure you are on top pf the work your service teams are doing with your clients by measuring the rations of open to close tickets, how long they take to close and other vital measures.

Rep Productivity Reports - Similarly find out what the teams are doing, but automatically - as they use the CRM. A multitude of reports are automatically build for you ad available through pre populated dashboards.

Time to Close Reports - Another vital report, how long are your teams taking to close the support tickets, or put another way, how long are customers waiting for answers.

Reporting Dashboards - Data on how you are doing and where you need to improve. Look at all teams, sales, marketing and service in these pre built reports.

Email tracking and Notifications - Find out when customers have opened emails and get alerts when they do, to make sure you are best placed to answer any follow up questions.

Documents - Store ready to use documents and pdfs that support customer enquiries and drop them straight into the email. See how many times they are opened and how long for.

Messenger Integration - Talk to and store customer interactions via Facebook right in your service hub. No need to interrupt your flow from one screen to the other.

Custom Properties - If your business is truly unique, dont worry, you can create custom properties right in the CRM to make sure you are capturing the right things, and not jury rigging other 'closest fit' properties that can lead to confusion and mistakes.

As we've said before, the plethora of free tools in the HubSpot CRM, Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs are confusing enough! Add that to the paid for services you can add to your Service Hub with Starter Service Hub around £40, Professional level tools at around £330 per month and Enterprise level tools at around £990 per month, its easy to get lost and buy the wrong thing. This can leave you with not enough functionality where you need it, and too much where you don't!

So the team are Real Inbound are always ready to help answer any questions you have on the HubSpot functionality, of the free and paid for services and we'd be delighted to arrange a call with you right now, by clicking this link.








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