Free Sales Hub Tools from HubSpot

Along with amazing free CRM and Marketing Hub and Service Hub tools, HubSpot also provide us with a ton of free Sales Hub Tools too. This is an absolute God send for those businesses just getting on the technology ladder, especially if they are reluctant to spend more money on systems they dont feel they understand.

Getting started with HubSpots always free CRM is a great way to go, and all of the additional paid for HubSpot services all come with free taster tools that are actually powerful enough for many businesses in their own right.

A list of free Sales Hub tools from HubSpot

All the free CRM tools - In addition to the Sales tools listed here, dont forget you'll get all the power of the HubSpot CRM, free Marketing and Service Hub tools too.

Live Chat - Answer customer questions right at the time they are looking at your site. A hugely powerful too for sales, marketing and service teams.

Conversational Bots - Simple, automated conversations that can deal with the most time consuming questions your customers ask, or route enquiries to the best people to answer them.

Team Email - Create one email address for the sales team, marketing team or service team. Or in smaller companies, make sure everyone gets those all important customer queries or complaints at the same time. And make sure only one person answers too.

Conversations Inbox - Bring all the enquiries, messages, live chats and complaints you received into the one inbox where everyone on the team can see whats going on and who needs help or support.

Calling - Use Voip to call clients right out of the CRM recording the details as you go along.

Email Scheduling - Get ahead of the game by preparing the weeks regular or standard emails in one go and scheduling them to be sent whenever the need to be.

Email Tracking and Notifications - See who has opened emails and how long they spend reading them. Get alerts as to when the emails are opened too, ensuring you are best place to respond to any interest they may have.

Email templates - Never be stuck for inspiration again, and always have professional communications at hand ready to go, saving time and making your workflows much more simple.

Canned Snippets - If you use regular phrases or technical explanations, save them in 'snippets' for easy deployment when talking to clients.

Documents - Store all your company collateral in the one place, easily attach to email and track who has opened and how much time has been spend on looking at them.

Meeting Scheduling - Stop wasting time sending emails back and fore, or missing calls from each other. Send a link to your calendar and allow the person the other end ot book a time convenient for both of you.

Reporting Dashboard - Look at forecasts, deal stages, sales person productivity and much more with these pre built and ready to go report that populate automatically as you use HubSpot.

Deal Pipeline - at a glance management of all the deal in your sales pipeline, visually expressed, including revenue forecasting, product and quote management and the association of your client ands company record too.

Messenger Integration - See customer enquiries via Facebook in your Inbox and answer right out of the CRM ensuring your other sales tools are at hand and you dont break your work flow.

Custom Properties - If there isn't a category you'd like to manage already in your contact or company record, add it using custom properties. This ensures your CRM is designed specifically for you and your industry.

Just take another look at all those brilliant tools, and remember that they are free with your HubSpot CRM. Organise your business better, set your sales on the right path to growth and sample the bigger world of what possible through the paid from Sales, Marketing and Service Hub tools from HubSpot.

The Sales tools subscriptions for the paid from services start at around £40 a month and range through to around £900 for the Enterprise level.

One of the problems with all these options is understanding whats best for you and your company. Book a call with us here, and we'll do our best to guide your through the paid for and indeed paid options.


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