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I recently wrote about what amazing things you can get from the HubSpot CRM for free. But thats only half the story! You also get a number of high impact Sales, Marketing and Service Hub tools to introduce you to the bigger HubSpot world, also free.

Some are mentioned again here, as there is a specific marketing context in which we should consider them.

A list of the free Marketing services you get with HubSpot.

All the features of the HubSpot CRM - Bear in mind this is in addition to all the tools you get from the CRM. See previous article (link above)

Forms - Allow you to build landing pages and contact pages that drop the contact information straight into the CRM automatically.

Email marketing - Send bulk emails that you can test and optimise using the analytics available to make sure you stand the best chance of standing out.

Ad Management - Connect your ad accounts and track revenue through direct attribution to the contacts your ads are creating in your CRM.

List Segmentation - One of the most powerful tools you could imagine. Create static or automatically updating lists of contacts to use in other tools, and arrange them by the many segments available, including geography, sector, spend, and so on.

Conversations Inbox - See all incoming customer emails, messages, Live Chats etc. all in the one place to make sure your business does not drop the ball in terms of handling enquiries and complaints.

Team Email - Set up emails for everyone to be copied in on, or just certain people to be copied in on, based on their function or service. This makes sure nothing gets missed.

Live Chat - A must have today. A live Chat window for your website that can be manned during office hours or set to answer FAQs by directing customers to the relevant pages on your website. Yes, free of charge!

Conversational bots - Use simple automation to answer frequent questions or route customers to the right place on your website. Or just tell them things they need to know about your products or services before they get in touch.

Mobile Optimisation - Build content that is optimised for mobile and test it before it goes out.

Reporting Dashboards - See the results of your marketing efforts in pre built easy to understand reports straight off your own personalised dashboard.

Messenger Integration - see and deal with enquires from your Facebook page right in the CRM. Answer queries or escalate tickets immediately. Talk to potential customers without breaking your flow.

Custom Properties - Create properties in your CRM records that are specifically for your businesses use. Build automation around those custom properties making for extremely powerful tools.

Just take a look at that list again, and add it to the free CRM tools you get, and it blows the mind.

These free tools will no doubt lead you to the paid for features of HubSpot Marketing Hub. There are starter levels for around £40 per month, professional tools around £650 per month and enterprise level tools from around £2500 per month (prices correct at time of writing)

Perhaps one of the biggest issue with technology like this is how confusing it can seem when you are new to it. And especially confusing when you start to look at all the other options available as well.

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