HubSpot Free Tools Walkthrough

One of our favourite things about the HubSpot technology stack are the free tools. Anyone can have an account for free with no credit card and unlimited members. You can store up to a million records - no one knows what happens if you have more - and for a small business, its pretty hard to beat. 

Here's co founder Tony Dowling walking us through some of the major features. 

HubSpot's Free tools. 

CRM - Contact management, contacts website activity, Company records, Deals, Tasks and Activities. 

Sales - Live Chat, Basic Bots, Team Email, Quotes, Calling 

Marketing - Forms, Email marketing, Ad management, Landing pages, Shared Inbox 

Customer Service - Ticketing, Email scheduling

Ops tools - Data Sync, Historical Sync, default field mappings, contact management. 

Those are some of the highlights from the free tools available to you. As you would expect, some of these tools have limits and limitations in terms of what can be done. And clearly its in HubSpots interest to tempt you up to the next level of paid for subscriptions! (Currently from around £40 per month) 


But with a bit of imagination and determination, it's easy to get yourself set up (or we can do it for you) and start to reap the rewards for jumping on one of the worlds leading CRM's and most advanced marketing technology with absolutely no charge. 

Please let us know if you'd like to find out more about them, or how to use them!

In fact, you can book time in with Tony directly for a free consultation to discuss any aspect of using HubSpot to help grow your business, whatever the size. 



Tony Dowling

FCIM | HubSpot Platinum Partner | Revenue Consultant | HubSpot Certified Trainer | South Wales HUG Leader | | 07812 582213

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