20 Superhero Secrets to Grow B2B Website Visitors - Part 2

As we discussed last week in "20 Superhero Facts to Grow B2B Website Visitors - Part 1", when you ask most marketers how to become the boardroom superhero they usually answer, “more customers”, quickly followed by "more website traffic". 

So let's look at the second half of our methods to grow B2B website visitors... 

11 Ensure your site has a multi device responsive design

Nowadays, more individuals than at any other time use mobile devices to get online and if you make your customers tweak and scroll around your website, you might just as well ask them to leave. It's essential to make sure that you have a responsive website design that delivers a great user experience across a broad array of devices, from laptops, mobile phones to tablets.

12 Speed is a must

Have you ever experienced waiting 30 seconds or more for a website to load? Not me, I don't hang around and neither will your customers. If your website takes longer than around 3-4 seconds to load, your bounce rate will skyrocket. Ensure that all your webpages are optimised, most notably picture file sizes, page format and the performance of plugins.

13 Nurture your community

People like to express their opinions on topics they are enthusiastic about, therefore creating a community around your website is a wonderful way to begin dialogues and increase website visitors. Employ a sturdy posting process through social media and your blog, or create a forum purely for visitor interaction.

14 Don't forget to engage on other sites too

You almost certainly visit several sites routinely that are pertinent to your brand or market, so join in with their discussions. Leaving comments is not going to automatically produce an instant rise in referred website visitors, however building a reputation by posting enlightening, interesting remarks on industry blogs is a smart way to promote yourself. Keep in mind that, quality and relevancy are critical.

15 Analyse Your Analytics

Continually monitor your analytics and use this data to develop your marketing and content campaigns. Focus your attention on whatever articles and webpages are proving to be the most popular. Scrutinize visitor data to determine how, where and when your website traffic is coming from.

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16 Get involved in your social networks

It is insufficient to simply share content on social media, it's equally important to actively engage in your social community too. Participate in group conversations with pertinent hash tags on Twitter. Respond to enquiries and engage with your audience on Facebook. Make use of social media as it was designed for and routinely connect with your audience.

17 Don't forget about video

Written content is great, however you can use video is an effective vehicle to attract grow website visitors and make your website more stimulating. Data indicates that information absorption is considerably higher with visual content compared to text. Video is an exceptional method of capturing your visitors attention and increasing website traffic simultaneously.

18 Know your competitors

Regularly monitor competitors activity. Discover what social networks your competition interact with and see of which subjects are resonating with their audience. See which keywords they are ranking for. Learn what visitor are reading and discussing, then replicate that type content to draw website traffic to your site.

19 Offer webinars sessions

Webinars are an excellent way to share your knowledge with your enthusiastic audience. Used together with social campaigns, webinars can be a fantastic technique to grow traffic. Ensure that you store the seminar for future viewing and remember to showcase your webinars extensively on your social platforms.

20 Visit Industry Events

Regardless of what sector you operate in, it’s likely that you can find a few major exhibitions and seminars that are appropriate for your business. Going to these events is a great idea, talking at these events is much better. Speaking engagements are a fantastic path to establishing your brand as thought leaders and its reputation in your sector.

I hope you found this article interesting, check out 20 Superhero Facts to Grow B2B Website Visitors - Part 1. I would really be interested to know your experiences and ideas for growing your targeted traffic

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