Four Steps to Developing a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign for School Enrolment - Part 2 of 2

Step 1 - Set Achievable Objective

When you're considering the amount of content you want to produce and the people you are likely to be talking to, start off with one objective.

  • If your objective is increased inquiries, you might want to concentrate on strategies to drive results in the awareness phase.
  • If your objective is purely enrolment, it is advisable to pay attention to the final enrolment number, that may mean focusing on prospects in the consideration and decision stages.
  • If your objective is retention, you ought to place more emphasis on maintaining your numbers.

Irrespective of your objective, you really need to make sure it is measurable.

Sales Guy-1Step 2 - Determine Your Target Personas

Before you start marketing, you need to understand who you are targeting for your school enrolment campaigns. The heart of inbound is personalised messaging. You need the content you're posting to speak to a particular audience. Why?

  • The increase in email conversion rate anytime you employ personalisation is 60%
  • 74% of consumers are irritated by content not relevant to their interests
  • The typical conversion rate when you use tailored content on your site is 20%

What this means is it's also important to take some time to determine your personas. This enables you to identify different communications for different target audience. Bear in mind, no one wishes to get content that is not related to their needs. Remember to keep your personas in mind because they help you uncover, understand, and reach your most suitable students.

Step 3 - Produce Great Content

As soon as you've discovered who your right personas are, develop your content around the persona's challenges. Ensure that the content you are composing and sharing is appropriate for where the prospect is in the school enrolment funnel.

Some kinds of content you will be able to share incorporate:

  • News reports
  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • How To Guides
  • Location Guides

Articles are an awesome illustration of the kind of content you may share to support your school enrolment inbound marketing. Don't forget that at your school or university, there are many individuals that may make contributions to the blog. Writing blog articles and posting them on your website is additionally helpful for your SEO potential.

image-13Step 4 - Prepare Your Website

The moment you've developed your objective, constructed your personas and created content, you're ready to prepare your website for your inbound school enrolment endeavours. A couple of small changes to your homepage and landing pages can significantly help with your inbound marketing campaign.

As a whole, you will get two sorts of visitors to your website:

High engagement visitors: These are prepared to apply or enquire and most probably searched for your educational institution using its name. They won't need any significant persuading at this stage. Your school or university is already on the top of their list. These sorts of visitors are more forgiving with the aesthetics and user experience. Don't forget, they're also probably more prepared to complete longer forms.

Low engagement visitors: These are classified as "shoppers" searching for schools or universities through unbranded online searches. They're simply looking around, just considering what they might like to do and might need help making a choice. Your institution is one of several they're taking a look at. On the other hand, they're NOT prepared to complete longer forms; if your objective is to improve awareness and fill your funnel, short forms will help have that impact, or you will merely entice the high engagement visitors.

These kinds of visitors will arrive at website from one of the following:

  • Search - 93% of online activities start with a search engine and 83% of these queries are unbranded, e.g. "best universities in London")
  • Social media - At least 30% of all referral website traffic originates from social media
  • Mobile - Over 50% of schools and universities website traffic is from mobile devices.

Therefore your website and content must be optimised for all of these channels.

Key Takeaway

Developing an effective inbound marketing school enrolment strategy takes time, however today is the best time to start. As soon as you have established your objectives and created your personas, you can begin producing and distributing content to reach visitors at each stages of the funnel.

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