Real Inbound becomes a GOLD HubSpot Solutions Partner Agency

Here we are, less than a year into our journey as an Inbound Marketing agency and we have had a great bit of news this week! With our latest client acquisition, Wales' largest used car dealer and the UK's fastest growing car dealer, The Trade Centre Group, we achieved HubSpot Gold Status.

Hard-work pays off

It's a fantastic testament to the hard work we've all put in, and as we reflect on the last year, we can see how things have changed to get us to this point too. When we started we were very much a marketing agency. And I think it's fair to say we have evolved into much more. We are more interested in the systems and the strategies that power larger organisations than we were, and relish working on complex business architecture with our clients.

We also seem to be doing more work in the the so called third sector. That is, charities and not for profits. And our work with these guys is taking on a distinctly digital transformation flavour too.

So right now we are the place to go for your HubSpot support and strategy. The implementation of the fantastic marketing, sales and service hub. And the heavy lifting when it comes to designing your automations and workflows. Thats always been the case. And we dont see that changing any time soon.

Lets talk transformation

But you can also talk to us about your over all Enterprise and Business Architecture. If you are missing out on the digital revolution and think there are ways that technology can improve the way your business works, you're right. And we would be more than happy to discuss that with you too.

We find it's easiest to think about business change by taking it one step at a time and specifically looking at the business through one lens while you do it. That lens might be marketing, Finance or even HR. But whichever it far easier to step the changes and go at it in an agile way that suits your businesses current key business objectives.

We are happy to advise on the overall state of your operation and the best way to leverage the technological stuff out there that can supercharge your business. And not just on the marketing side either.

We have recently worked on Architecture for a large charity involving internal and external marketing, Finance, HR and Payroll, and even e learning platforms.

How the magic happens

The first part of our process is a thorough review of your businesses processes and systems. We use recognised TOGAF frameworks to break the opportunities into the usual business, technology, systems and software, information and data architecture so we can understand your organisation and start the process of breaking it down so it can be built up again as a slicker, more efficient and cheaper to run digital orientated operation. One that puts the customer first, is data driven and empowered by the most appropriate technology.

Get in touch for more information on how we can help! Or see why Hubspot is our chosen  automation partner



Tony Dowling

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