My 5 favourite HubSpot Features and Benefits

What are HubSpot's best features and benefits? It's a question we get asked a lot! And as the HubSpot platform is becoming increasingly powerful, it's really easy to miss out on some of the things it does if you only give it a cursory look now and again. 

It's almost impossible to pick the best features, as there are so many free and paid for benefits, and each suits different use cases in your business. So instead of the best, here are my favourites! There is a mix of free and paid for options here, so be careful if you are looking to chose a feature set for you. It may be easier to talk to us to guide you. 

HubSpot's free CRM 

Easily my favourite feature. The benefit of introducing a CRM or customer relationship management platform into your business is easy to see and immediately realised. Every conversation, purchase, support ticket, product and service relating to your customers are stored safely away and configurable in a massive amount of different views to suit you in your business. 

A CRM will instantly change the way you work, if you use it as intended, and bring a level of organisation and reportability to your business you won't believe for a free piece of software. 

And of course, it's the foundational piece for so much more... 

HubSpot's Paid for Sales Tools (from £34 per month based on annual subscription) 

Sales enablement is another feature that brings huge and instant benefits to your organisation. If you believe that the sales process should be as frictionless as possible, these tools are for you. From my customer view in my HubSpot portal I can call, email, including using templated emails, book a meeting, insert a document, send a video chat, and so much more. 

There's no switching between systems and everything is automatically stored in your customer feed allowing for an instant reference when you come back to that customer. 

There's automated deal tracking and ability to create quotes from your bespoke product list right there in the same system. Everything, from quotes to documents to emails can be tracked to allow you to spot the best time to get back to your prospect. 

And the most simple boring and time consuming things like boilerplate terms and conditions, or even your own research templates are a click away if you use tools like snippets. Time saving and powerful, every sales team deserves these tools. 

HubSpot's Paid CMS (from £196 per month based on annual subscription

If your business needs the best in security, a super powerful platform that promises 99.99% uptime, page speed that will put you at the top of the rankings and 24/7 care and support for your infrastructure include (Yay! No more updates!) then HubSpot's CMS features and benefits are waiting for you to claim them. 

If you are on the geeky side of things there is plenty to impress you from the development sandbox, HubSpots own language and its community, or the IT side where you'll see enterprise level tech utilised for medium businesses requirements. But HubSpot CMS comes into its own if you are a marketer. 

Not only is the platform built on HubSpots very own CRM system, its WYSIWYG editor makes for instant changes to design, colour palette, new pages, forms, etc. But they are immediately integrated with your other software too. No loose ends when it comes to building new lead funnels. The page builder, forms builder, CRM and email automation is right there at your finger tips and fully integrate and working 'right out of the box'. 

HubSpot's free Customer Service tools 

A hugely overlooked feature of the free software that comes with the platform as soon as you create your free account is the customer service focused tools. 

Get Live Chat on your website instantly, no set up, connect it to your now unified inbox where your customer enquires are collated whether they come through chat, Messenger or email, and create customer service tickets to make sure you can keep track of complaints and questions. You'll even be able to manage a basic level of calling between you and your customers. 

HubSpot's paid Customer Service tools (from £34 per month on an annual subscription

Which leads me on to some super powerful features in the paid for level. Again, starting at a low monthly cost, the real power is unlocked at Professional level (from £264 a month on an annual subscription) This unlocks the knowledge base and those vital customer survey tools. 

Service Hub Pro will enable your customers to self serve via clever bots and chat flows, accessing knowledge base articles and FAQs with ease. 

At Pro level you are also able to send immediate customer satisfaction, customer effort and regular NPS surveys out of the box. Select the customer or customer list you want to survey, or even set up a survey to send automatically after certain tasks or workflows are complete. HubSpot does it all for you. 

One for luck - HubSpot Marketing Hub

I've not mentioned anything about HubSpot's marketing tools, and its deserving of a post all of its own! But suffice to say HubSpot is now much, much more than its famous and market leading marketing software. It's a great way into the platform and many people find their way into HubSpot through the advertising, social media marketing, SEO, blogging, Campaign and many other tools. 

But as we hope you've seen in today's article, there are many other features and benefits to HubSpot that are well worth your consideration. We've love to chat with you to help guide you through it all too. 


Tony Dowling

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