Unlock the Hidden Power of HubSpot Goals

Me and my best HubSpot mate James recently did a LinkedIn Live on 'goals', one of the most under utilised tools in the CRM tool set. 

We covered off when to use goals, and why they might be more useful than you think, and also how to build them natively in HubSpot. 

Finally we showed our captivated audience (ahem!) what the various options for using goals are, especially if you have the rarefied Enterprise subscriptions.



When to use goals

Goals are really useful. If you are like me, and reading reports can give you a head ache, a goal is a single and clear pointer to the performance or progress towards a target. Its fast and accurate, and while its not giving you much in the way of understanding progress or context, its an immediate insight into performance. 

It also makes for a great way to compare performances, against others in the team and a performance from a previous period, like the same period last year. 

How to build goals

Its best to watch the video for this. But make a start by navigating from the main side menu to 'reporting and data' and four places down from the top is listed as goals. 

Go to the top right corner and click create a goal and then chose from one of the really useful templates to quickly put together frequently used goals with very little effort at all! 

What goals can we set?

At the highest subscription levels HubSpot offer the ability to set goals for a number of different sorts and indeed objects. 

The Goals you can create in HubSpot

  • Object: the object type that your goal will be based on. After you select the object type, you can add filters. Click Add filters next to Define goal at the top of the screen to add over 20 filters per object.
    • Call
    • Company
    • Contact
    • Conversation
    • Deal
    • Meeting
    • Ticket (Service Hub only)
    • Custom object

The above table was taken from this HubSpot knowledge base article on goals, that you'll also find really useful. 


The day after we did this demo for you, HubSpot launched a new goals beta that shows your  goals in HubSpot in a far improved way. Navigate to the Product updates section of HubSpot in your account menu drop down, and select 'product updates' to opt into the beta. 

See full details here. 




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